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Extreme Results in Everyday Salons

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How is it some salon owners that were struggling, finding cash hard, having nightmares with stylists now experience ...

  • CLIENTS UP: 85.2%
  • TAKINGS UP: 252.6%
  • COLOUR UP: 700%

There is a secret and I don't mind sharing that secret with you.

As someone that has had a salon like you and has worked with hundreds of salons the one thing, I see all the time is an acceptance of what the salon is doing.

Bad staff - accept it!
Bad takings - accept it!
Bad systems - accept it!

And all the other things that cause you and your business pain - most salon owners seem to accept it. Not only do they accept it they allow their salons to carry on through the struggle and hope one day it'll be fine.

But I want you to know this. Everything is fixable as long as you take action to fix it.

This year I've seen nothing short of phenomenal results for salon owners like yourself.

More clients, more takings and more success. It's been a beautiful thing to share with salon owners like you.

But how about you?

Do you just accept the problems like part of your job or are you really truly desperate to get them sorted once and for all?

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Salon Case study

“Results ... Just INSANE”

Here's How One Salon Owner Ramped Up Their Weekly Takings From ...


... £1,700 to a Massive £6,000 In Under 12-Weeks!

This case study is mind-blowing, hard to believe but true. Want to know how they did it?
Look at this and take in the numbers. This could very easily be you and your salon.

On January 2nd I began mentoring a salon. They had the same issues I see every salon I speak with.

That’s usually not enough of everything!

After our first meeting, we agreed on a number that would give them comfort and security.

They felt hitting that number would be impossible but maybe I could help.

JUST 23-days after we began Salon Mentor Extreme together not only did we hit that number we increased their takings from around...


As I write to you they have hit £6,000 a week.


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salon story


The extreme method: an extreme stylist story

Emily is a 21-year old hairdresser. The problem was when I started working with her and her team was this.

She was just a hairdresser.

She acted like a hairdresser, worked like a hairdresser and did things like a hairdresser.

Now she has completely become extreme.

Here’s how.

Her column was poor, average and massively under delivering.

Numbers were...

No colour
No retail
No redesign
No takings
Low averages
It was bad but she was just a hairdresser.

After just weeks of helping her to make the change into becoming extreme not only is she happy, smiling, laughing and loving her work she has embraced the extreme stylist method and frankly is killing it!

Here's why.

Her taking just 8-weeks ago were literally just above £200 per week.

Last week she hit a huge £1,800 and that isn’t unusual.

Here Is How You Get ...
  • New Stronger Teams,
  • Hordes of New Clients,
  • Record Breaking Week After Week. 
If you have stylist issues you MUST LISTEN to this. Here is what happened when a salon owner finally discovered the key to building a new team, finding the very best stylists and then sit and watch numbers like this coming in.
  • Takings Up: 177.2% in 23-days
  • Averages Up: 586.3%
  • New Clients Up: OVER 2033%
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Listen to the case studies now!

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"Alan no one is doing what you do to transform a salon business the way you do and we've tried everyone" Rich, Sage Hair Wickham

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