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Your Salon Deserves to Fail

Tamara Forrest-Smith


It isn’t the first time I have told a client that but I have told clients that in the past. When I say clients sometime it is actually a client and others times they don’t become clients.
Here is why they deserve to fail.

First, what the hell has happened to 2018 in these 22-days I have no idea. The best start to SalonPunk in a year I can remember. And it isn’t because I am getting any better looking it is because the results for new mentor clients have been pretty insane.

Let me ask you this.

If you DOUBLED your salon business turnover in a week would you feel good about that?

If EVERY average went up by 40% would that get you excited?

If SYSTEMS you put in place started to CREATE NEW PROFITS in days would that get you excited?

And get this … with the salon mentor extreme clients I consciously decided to do ZERO ONLINE marketing at this early stage – especially none of that social media farce!

What an amazing start – just amazing.

Another thing before I tell you a story about well deserved salon failure.

Some asked is my SALON MENTOR EXTREME is best for?


• Salons about to die due to chaotic or no management
• Salons that just don’t have enough clients
• Big salon groups 5-10 salons (and more)
• Top London salons that wanted more clients
• Switzerland’s No.1 salon and school
• Scotland’s No.1 salon
• New salon start-ups that want fast track success
• Tired established salons that feel like giving up

Even – (dare I say it) – mobile or traveling hairdressers that want more clients.


Marketing that doesn’t work -FIXED
• Lack of clients – FIXED
Staff issues – FIXED
• Management restructuring – FIXED
• New service ideas – FIXED
• Re-structuring and stronger salon business practices – FIXED
• There is a hell of a lot more,

But first as promised…

I told him …


There are times when I can see so clearly the changes needed to a salon business that to make the transformation it is as clear to me as my own image looking in a mirror.


It’s what I do and have done for decades. This will sound like my ego but … I am mostly right.

Here’s what happened.

He had inherited a shop and instantly started to cut back on everything. It was obvious. He couldn’t understand why salon business was dropping and dropping fast. I went to his salon to have a look and see it for myself.
The stock was clearly low. Client traffic was also slow but he did have a whole village and surrounding villages as a captive audience. The excitement of taking on the salon seemed to have got the better of him.
He ordered two white Range Rovers on lease for his wife and himself.

He replaced every window and the building, added an extension and began to re-decorate every room using every penny that came into the cash drawer.

I did notice he had cleared shelves to bring stock to the front of the shop. The problem wasn’t enough stock no one was really buying anything.

After a while I told him in no uncertain terms.

This shop is total chaos. You have zero structure and zero idea of what you are doing. You’ve asked and paid for my advice and here it is.

If you don’t do EXACTLY as I tell you this shop will close and it will close soon.

At this point it wasn’t that bad but my experience in life and business it was as clear as day for me what was racing towards him.

He agreed and said he would do as I told him to do. I don’t mean told as in do this or ele. I mean told as in here is my 33-years of advice on what will and does actually work.

I drew up an EASY-TO-FOLLOW plan that would leverage his existing database, bring in old clients, re-stock his shop, make it easier to book services and buy stock.

Then I got an email.

The email was from the guy and it said he didn’t like the plan I had drawn up. He didn’t like the idea of looking like he was trying to sell stuff. He felt it looked desperate. With that he said thanks for your time but NO! He told me that he liked my advice but felt he would give it time to see what will happen.
I replied to him and we parted before we got started on good terms. 3-months later I got an email from the same guy. He had just gone bust due to out of control debt. After the bailiffs came and went he then had to go through a bankruptcy which meant his life would be screwed for at least 6-years!
The white Range Rovers had gone, the extended and decorated house had gone, the shop was boarded up with a huge lock and warning sign on the front door.

He DESERVED TO FAIL and here is why.

Marketing cannot send men to the moon. It isn’t something mystical that is performed by shamans. It isn’t about a Facebook account and isn’t about running one Ad or letter once every six months.
Pure direct response marketing for salons is really simple.

Find the buyers and get your services and products in front of them.

Have the salon systems and structures in place.


Of course I lie a little.

There is a little more.

With a world packed full of experts with no real salon expertise misinformation is a gigantic problem. How do you find the real person to deal with? How do you know if it will or won’t work? Is it best to go cheap and hope and pray it’ll work?

It depends!

Most of my clients tell me their life depends on their salon business working. I will assume you feel the same way. If you feel the same way let me ask you this.
If you need surgery to save your life would you

a. Hire the cheapest surgeon you can find and see if it works?
b. Go full out to find the best to almost guarantee you’ll survive?

Obvious right?

But you might be getting lost in what is and isn’t because you are just not sure.

And that can be a huge problem for salon owners like you.

You see making business work isn’t only about money it is also about time. When clients ask me about helping them they then can think – no I’ll try and fix it on my own for a couple of months- that rarely works and usually ends in the death of the salon business.
Yet when the help is available yet you just ignore it …

That’s when it is fair to say…


In 9-days of 2018 I gave one of my NEW SALON EXTREME MENTOR the best two week they have ever experienced since opening despite it being the slowest week of any year!

That is a sentence worth re-reading!


I’ve seen a lot of salon close and fail yet I want to say this as bold as I can … THEY DESERVED TO FAIL and yet there is not a good enough reason on earth for any salon to fail.
The answers, the solutions and the way out into success is out there.

Hire me or just read a book and get educated in the ways of success. Either way you can avoid failure and have as much success as you want to create.
Would you like me to help you do more, do more, have more and if needed – save your salon business from what could be heading your way?

I am here and waiting for your call.

Lets talk about lasting success, huge possibility and the eye-opening ability for you to reveal more of what is probably lying beneath your feet as you read this right now.

I hate saying to people they deserved to fail. I would hate to say it to you. Failure doesn’t have to be an option for anyone. Not for the salon around the corner and not for you.
If you are ready for salon extreme success … you know where I am.


Alan Forrest Smith

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