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Wimbledon time: 5 Ways to turn quiet summer salon days into lucrative

Tamara Forrest-Smith

It’s that time of the year – Wimbledon opening week, don’t ask me why, but many of you could probably relate that time of the year in the UK hairdressing world as been quieter than we’d like it to be. Coupled with the school summer holidays and empty cities and towns, no wonder any salon owner can experience lower cash flow and cu-chin free cash register.

But it does not have to be like that. Here are 5 things you can do in summer
to get ready for the busy period and take more income than you did before.

1. Plan, then straightaway put in action new salon marketing tools to bring clients in the shop.

Use quiet time to really work on your salon business. Create a goal in mind,
for example 10 new salon clients in 7 days or less. Leverage existing tools,
from newsletters, salon websites, social media promotions to direct mail and
flyer advertising this is the time to plan then execute the plan.

Waist no time.

2. Write down how many ways you are promoting salon every day? Then get serious about promotions.

Jotting down notes of what you do every day can be eye-opening. You’d be
surprised how many low priority tasks take up your time. Instead focus on what brings the clients in.

From in-house advertising, existing clients only promotions to investing in
new salon marketing advertising tools, such as paid ads, promotions and public relations, make a habit to do some form of advertising every day. We used to have in salons a salon advertising checklist that had 21 things we had to do every week to push the salon name forward. How many ways are you advertising your salon every day?

3. Use the theme to tap into clients minds, create special summer events, here’s why it will be fun and profitable.

Think of Wimbledon inspired week – create a summer buzz of fun and great hair. Offer Wimbledon inspired salon competitions to engage customers through Social Media or any other form of promotion. Update your blog and write about summer hair style offers in your salon. Use existing client list to invite them to the exclusive hair week by providing good incentive to attract clients in the salon. Anybody would like a free summer hair cut for every colour?

4. Review your social health.

When was it last time you checked what others are talking about your salon?
One negative review can ruin 10 positives. Understand where you stand, then
deal with it. How does your salon look like on the Pinterest, Facebook or
Instagram? Look after your brand name.

5. Work at your shop look and feel.

Check in-shop advertising display, salon receptionists area neat and tidy? Can
you add a little DIY retail makover? Display all products and create bundles
and package offers for hair products. Then promote them. Selling for less can
be more profitable than having products on a display that collects dust.
Having quiet days can be really profitable, just put your time and energy in a
smart, innovative salon marketing and actively attract new salon customers,
results will start to show fast.


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