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Why this salon promotion is the most effective way to get salon clients to increase rebook rate

Tamara Forrest-Smith

What's the most effective way to get salon clients to increase rebook rate?

  • Beauty salon flyers
  • Social media posts updated, clicked and liked
  • Salon Ad is in the newspaper
  • Refer A friend cards done and printed
  • Salon website swipes in all the right directions
  • Salon software systems – invested in the best in the market….
  • Do you have all kind of salon flyers and hair promotions printed, ordered and neatly kept in the office? If you are like most stylists and salon owners, the chances are you have, if so, why your clients don’t rebook soon enough?

There is a little secret to the successful salon promotions, that is often neglected and forgotten and that is… Consistency!

There are so many articles on salon promotions in our Salon Punk Blog that I did not want to add one more “magic” tool just for the sake of it, instead wanted to simply remind you to start using salon promotions that you already have at your disposal day in and day out.


Because… consistency is the number one tool that will make sure your clients remember you and your salon. It’s true because…

  • Loyalty does not work the same way they used to
  • Your competition will not suddenly quit
  • If your clients don’t see your messages every single day they will forget
  • It’s better to run “bad marketing” than no marketing
  • Marketing paradox is when you use what really works, rather than the next “big” marketing thing on the market
  • Sending personal letters reminding your clients their hair now needs a trim is more powerful than fancy advertising in an expensive newspaper you only afford to run once in a while… So, next time you are working on your salon promotions, forget about creating and building something new, instead, start utilizing everything you have, but make sure you are consistent in your promotions.

There are 41 beauty salon marketing steps Alan Forrest Smith advices to take CONSISTENTLY in order to really make those promotions work, they are all listed in your Salon Extreme 21

“When I first heard of Alan’s suggestion, I thought hmmm, but then I gave it a try, and it really worked! Thank you, now I am hiring 2 new graduates and know exactly how to pack their columns” READ NOW

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