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Why salon industry says thank you

Tamara Forrest-Smith

Thank you Alan from the industry

Today I received this email from the CEO of best selling SALONOPINION.com magazine. The praise was for the amount of work that has gone into SALON EXTREME 21 business builder manual.

I’ll share it with you exactly as it arrived.

“Hi Alan

The way I see it as we begin our journey through 2016 is it’s going to be an even tougher challenge being a salon owner, manager, beauty therapist or stylist and it’s definitely going to be even more of a challenge as we approach 2017.

The fact is our clients are bombarded with so much confusing information and marketing which quite often makes us feel misled or treats us like we are total idiots!

So its no surprise that we are becoming meticulous where we spend our hard earned cash… It’s one of the reasons that reviews have become so popular because people are becoming more and more careful when they choose anything from a hairdressing salon to where they should buy their food!

I see so much junk and rehashed and untested garbage that salon owners have been told to use in the salons that simply makes me feel despair because I know is just not going to work.

So I was really excited when I received my copy of 21 Salon Extreme to see a work manual that would guide you the salon owners, managers, beauty therapists and anyone looking for a clear uncluttered powerful step-by-step direction to not only market your salon but to create a complete dynamic system that can be implemented instantly into your business – even when you have SO much other stuff to do! and is up-to-date and READY for 2016/2017 and beyond!!

I love the fact that it’s something I can hold and make notes in, work with and have explanations that really makes you think and understand why and where the concept has come from for each part of the manual. It’s the first time I have seen a combination of multilevel marketing where your guided through everything from Facebook, social media, SMS text, email, direct mail, in salon promotions, how to use your website and the internet to templates for posters and flyers and everything you could imagine you will need to market your salon. It even shows you how to test and measure everything you put in place to help you build your salon business.

Just as a personal note from me “Alan,I know you have put your heart and soul into this manual and that it comes from someone who understands what its like to have your home on the line and the bank manager breathing down your neck and what it’s like to have failure and success and what that feels like – and we both know that it simply works… So I would like to personally thank you from our industry for creating a tool that if used correctly will help build any salon business, reduce a little bit of stress and make our industry great!”

Steve Winder

SO Magazine

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