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Why Referrals Will Explode Your Salon Business

Tamara Forrest-Smith

Next time you hand over a recommend a Friend voucher ask yourself, is this exploding my salon business? And if it is not, ask yourself why? After all, some 84% of consumers say they trust referrals.

Sometimes all you need to turn the OK salon promotional tool, RAF in this case, into a cash-generating tool is a little tweak and testing.

So, provided you have an amazing client service, and your stylists are all well qualified and brilliant at hair design review the following 5 tips.

  1. Is my RAF program super easy for my clients to refer and claim their reward?
  2. am I offering incentives that my clients will actually want to claim?

FURTHER READING: Check out a dedicated chapter is available from Salon Extreme 21 on Referrals  and why “REFERRALS WILL EXPLODE YOUR SALON AT WARP SPEED!

3. Have I briefed all my team on the Referrals program properly?

4. … And am I actually tracking and measuring the results that come through the referrals?

5. Have I been promoting my RAF program enough and have I taken time to tweak what’s not working?

From Tesla to my Energy providor most big businesses use the referral programs because they work, and they will work and explode your salon income too.

So, next time you hand over the Referral voucher ask yourself have I done all I can to maximize the income from these salon vouchers?

To read more about salon promotions and how to build your clients columns head over to our articles or listen to the fresh episodes on Salon Punk iTune podcasts.

Tamara Machavariani Forrest-Smith

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