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Why a successful salon is a well-managed salon

Tamara Forrest-Smith

Here’s a fact: A successful salon is a well-managed salon.

But let me tell you this. A salon that has no management will struggle with things that should be easy.

Let’s start with a story.

First, I know I have written for a while myself but my excuse is we have been very busy trying to get everything ready for our new little salon punk and as you might know there is a ton to do outside working.

Anyway, I started doing something last year in a salon that transformed my own salons. It was a bit of rule breaking and a lot of pressure for both myself and the guys when I had my own salons. They hated me doing it with them and I hated doing it with them.

However, it was the one thing that made the difference out of hundreds of things we have to do every day in our salon.

It was this.

I tracked and measured and followed-up every member of staff DAILY. I had made up my mind to fix my salon numbers, I had gotten my staff on my side and that meant I had to hit the right numbers every day.

So, In the morning I checked everything, I spoke to each team member one at a time for literally minutes and I tried to fire them up. I also spoke to them in the middle of the day with a 30-second push and then again at the end of the day to set them up for the next day.

We all hated it at first but we all loved it in the end.


They made good money.

I made good money.

The salon was packed.


And that is the foundation I still use today in my salons I work with.

It is the same foundation that takes graduates into being a full blown shop floor stylist and the same foundation that put new graduates into the top earners in a salon.

Now …

I love sharing a story I have shared before many times.

Here is that same story and here is also a response from a salon owner to the story.

 Emily is a 21-year old hairdresser. The problem was when I started working with her and her team was this.

She was just a hairdresser.

She acted like a hairdresser, worked like a hairdresser and did things like a hairdresser.

Now she has completely become extreme.

Here’s how.

Her column was poor, average and massively under delivering.

Numbers were…

No colour
No retail
No redesign
No takings
Low averages
It was bad but she was just a hairdresser.

After just weeks of helping her to make the change into becoming extreme not only is she happy, smiling, laughing and loving her work she has embraced the extreme stylist method and frankly is killing it!

Here’s why.

Her taking just 8-weeks ago were literally just above £200 per week.

Last week she hit a huge £1,800 and that isn’t unusual.


The stylists at this salon had a management problem. That problem was holding everything back. The problem was fixed and the issue was removed.

Now Emily and her team and not only selling tons of colour and other services but the takings have gone through the roof.

For her salon owner boss Rich and Steph it means this.

Just one stylist from many has gone from

£13,000 per year


£93,600 per year

Salon Mentor Extreme Is Now Open: Guaranteed To FIX Your Salon

I am yet to see a salon that cannot be fixed. I am yet to see salon issues that cannot be fixed. I am yet to see numbers that cannot be raised and from what I see and know and what I constantly get told … there is nothing like this in the industry today.

“Alan no one is doing what you do to transform a salon business the way you do and we’ve tried everyone” Rich, Sage Hair Wickham
Now here is the response from a salon owner.


We are now at week 35 and he is downloading fast. Yesterday we had a long day t the hospital. It’s amazing what they can tell you. We found out yesterday he is going to be around 9.5lbs. Amazing.

Alan Forrest Smith

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