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Who Controls Your Salon?

Tamara Forrest-Smith


Well, you may think I am going over the top but guess what there are loads of salons out there that are definitely “not” controlled by the salon owner.

So who controls the Salon.

Listen I have been there and I know how it feels to not have control. There are stylists that love the feeling of “we run the salon” ( you know who I am on about ) and you know what happens then don’t you… the others love to follow them.

This is what happens.

New Stylist omes to the salon and thinks they are top dog… irreplaceable. To some extent, we might put them in that position after all good top stylists are hard to come by.

So are we treating them like Demi gods being frightened to show them the rules… letting them do their own thing as long as they bring in the money.

It does happen…I have let them do it in my salon. There is there a solution… if you dare to do it

Listen it is easy but can be hard… very hard.

So why the contradiction? Easy the bottom line is we need to take the cash. No money we are sunk… right.

So what do we do? Really want my advice on this? You need to get rid of them.

Why? If you don’t they “will destroy your business” and guess what. When they have destroyed it… they move on and I have seen it happen. They go for a new job and you are left in tatters.

I have been low with this one in the past and it hurts. I have gone from 8 stylists to 1 in a space of weeks. Why? Because I did not act on what I could see going on in my own salon at the time.

You can though and avoid the pain I have gone through in the past.

So there are steps you can take to avoid this happening.

· Build into your salon a new salon training program ( this will guarantee you have a constant stream of new home-bred talent. It works for Manchester United and “will” work for you also. Ring your local training colleges or your suppliers they may be able to help you).

· Create an induction day for the salon ( this ensures that any newcomers will know from day one what is expected from them and of course… GET IT IN WRITING contract… )

· Improve your interviewing technique ( this will increase your success in getting the right people dramatically )

· Know the big picture for your salon ( know the big picture means that you know exactly what you want from your salon long term. Know this and stick to it and you are on to a winner )

· Persevere… persevere… persevere ( when you know where you are going perseverance overcomes virtually everything NEVER GIVE UP )

Now I know the above is only a quick guide but it will work for you. DO NOT do anything stupid now by rushing back to the salon and sacking everyone ( although I know you might want to ) or you could end up with a big unfair dismissal claim on your hands but start to plan ahead NOW and set your mind on what you really want from your salon.


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