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When Was Your Salon Last Tested?

Tamara Forrest-Smith


  • The Health of Your Salon Business
  • The Future of Your Salon Business
  • The Changes You Must Make To Your Salon
  • Gives You A Guide As To What You Must Do Next

Life these days have become a series of tests.

I really noticed this since Tamuna has been pregnant. (OUR BABY IS DUE THIS MONTH)

She gets tested for everything and then they test the test to make sure the test was correct.

Now that isn’t a bad thing, to be honest, and it’s incredible thorough.

One week we went to the hospital every day. Each visit takes around 3-hours. Each visit was to check each test. The final test revealed she was fine.

Here’s the thing.

When I asked about these tests they then give me numbers of death rates in other places where these tests aren’t carried out. That shuts me up and makes me feel looked after.

Your Salon Business is the same.

Over the past three decades, I have seen businesses that I know will close. It’s really easy to see it for me. It’s a simple test I do in my head. I know what works. I measure what they are doing against my knowledge and three decades and then offer an opinion. Not only do I offer opinions I offer advice on what to do next.
In the hospital, you are never told you must take this medication. In fact, the Dr. said if you don’t take it this might not end well for you.

Incredibly there is a huge number that doesn’t take it.

Take measles for example. Almost vanished but now on the rise. It’s so easy to forget Measles is a killer disease not just a rash. Yet despite the warnings, there are many that take a decision not to have the vaccination on their kids.

So taking any test isn’t a decision it’s a choice to see what the future can hold for your business.

When is the last time you called a Dr of business to give your business a test?

Like in the hospital here’s good news.

If I had to give you a number I would give it that 99.9% of business issues can be fixed very quickly. 99% of businesses I have worked with can be saved, turnaround or grown.

Yet you might be so deep in the thick of everything you are ignoring the obvious and just hoping it will go away. It never does, it never just vanishes.

Did you realise there are a handful of options available for you right not give your business a full medical so you can make an informed decision on what you need to do?

For example.

Last year I worked with a business that has been in operation since 1986. They had nine units operating and the slide was on. Profits, sales and turnover were done hugely.

I was asked to go and give advice on what I could do. The advice I gave was let’s do everything in a certain way using certain tools. The results was a 17% increase in business. Now 17% might not read like a big number but that number was £700,000 increase.

Another business I was asked to look over. Actually, they had a great business but the felt their messages were weak. They were. We created a one-day mastermind session at my home and they instantly increased their response from one single day by £84,000

As you know I work with tons of hair salons. One salon I tested and fixed went from £1,700 per week to £7,500 per week in just 14 weeks.

Whatever you are going through right now a simple test will give you the right advice you need to move forward and forward fast. Is that what you need and want right now?

You need and want to know if things can be saved, improve, increase or grow?

You want to know that if there is a problem that problem can be fixed and usually fixed faster than you might be thinking.

I have fixed business issues in an hour a day a few days a week and sometimes over a year… But … I have solved them.

Would you like me to test your business right now?

Testing is easy.
Book a test slot that fits you.
Book a 30-minute test (£195 over the phone)

From there you can book full day masterminds, mentoring or whatever you might need and want. But first, let’s get you tested to find out what’s going on. or simply find out what is going on and then fix it yourself.


Despite what I write here MOST business will ignore this test and just hope that things will get better. CRAZY RIGHT? Not getting tested is the same as waiting for disaster to happen.

The first step for you right now is to get tested.


Text: +44 7793069486
WhatsApp: +44 7793069486
Call me: +1618186010
Email: alan@salonpunk.com

I can’t wait to test your salon.


Alan Forrest Smith

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