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When Was It Last Time You Introduced New Services? How to Ensure New Hair Service Will Land With Customers

Tamara Forrest-Smith

When was it last time you innovated salon services in your salon? When you have already got a line of retail products and services introducing something new to your clients can feel like an unnecessary exercise but when done right new services
can really increase your average takings every week.

January is a great time to create something new that your clients will love and you, as a salon owner, will love getting paid for those services.

Here are some ideas on new salon services and how to ensure they will also land new clients

1. Update what you have…

One salon client increased her salon takings by an average of £800 in a single week by simply updating an existing hair service and giving an edgier name that previously used to go unnoticed before. Do you have a service that your clients have no idea you actually offer? Can you bring the service to the 21st century and give a new lease of life?

2. …Or create a brand new hair service

You don’t have to invest in new retail products to offer an exciting new service. Another client introduced an express hair
service, specifically for women rushing to work and want to have hair done in just 10 minutes. The result? more cash in the till
at the end of the day. …And Nooooo, please don’t open another coffee shop inside the salon, you are in a hair business.

3. Create a Buzz

Don’t be shy, make sure the staff is trained to sell or upsell new services. Create buzz… everywhere, from in-salon advertising to utilizing local influencers. Here are some ideas you can do to promote new services

  • Build relations with the local business owner for the purpose of cross promotions
  • Train your team to upsell
  • Advertise in-salon, Free
  • Use paid advertising, Social Media is one of those tools
  • Build an army of referral ambassadors

4. Email clients

When was it last time you emailed your clients? They’d probably be very glad to hear from you. Make sure your clients
know you have a new service. Existing clients are a ready market to sell to. They want something new and exciting, you
provide, everyone wins.

5. Sample it

Let the clients sample your products or services, then upsell the service. If clients love what you offer as a sample, they will buy the full package. Have you ever got a “free” sample only to end up spending a fortune on certain products?

Whatever approach you decide to use to create a new service and promote, make sure it is planned, marketed and controlled
well. New service is supposed to increase your takings. So make sure to track and measure everything.

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Tamara Machavariani Forrest-Smith

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