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What Is Life & Happiness?

Tamara Forrest-Smith

What is life? What is happiness?

What is life?

For some, it is collecting a vast amount of wealth.

For others, it can be something as simple as finding true love.

For others, it can mean taking every risk they can with their life jumping from planes, mountains and into deep rivers.

Others just want to be happy yet what is happiness and is it connected to life?

We are born.

From the day we are born our life starts to reduce in time. Life is a period of time that runs eventually whether we like it or not out.

So life is time.

What we do with that time is what makes a person happy.

We are born, we develop, and we grow and learn right from that first day. Everything is preparing us for the life we are about to live. Yet the truth is we have no idea what kind of life we are going to live.

Life is a series of experiences.

Some make us happy and some make us desperately sad.

Some experiences we can control and others experiences we cannot control.

This week I read about a young boy in Syria that has lost every single member of his family in bombs. He looked sad. So sad in fact part of his body had shut down. This meant his body won’t speak right now due to total shock. The lack of ability to speak has removed his happiness and his possibility of living his life to the full right now.

Yet there are others that has so much wealth they feel they are now the greatest people that ever lived. They ignore the rules, do their thing and have a god-like feeling that they are greater than others due to their huge amount of collected wealth.

So life for one is very different to life for another.

The best we can do is stay happy and share as much happiness as we can.

Yet if something is making us unhappy right now how do we get happy again?

The important thing for us to remember is everything is a choice. Life has given us the ability to choose what makes us happy and unhappy.

So even though we may not be able to control our happiness or life as it is right now what we can control is how we feel at this very moment.

We can choose the things that make us unhappy to dominate our day, week or life or we can choose in this very moment to ignore that huge amount of unhappy feeling and be happy here and now.

It always sounds easier than you think or are reading right now so let me explain a little more.

A man has lost someone close to him in death.

The feeling of loss is overwhelming.

He sleeps unhappy, wakes unhappy, walks around unhappy and feels like life will never be the same again.

Yet what he has experienced is something very natural and that is to lose someone in death. No one lives forever, everyone dies so maybe the real problem is the way he is personally handling his reality in this moment.

He has a beautiful wife that adores him through this.

She sleeps across his chest, strokes his heart wipes away his tears and tells him time and time again how much she loves him.

He simply keeps repeating.

I am sad I am unhappy I am broken.

Yet if he said the following …

I am happy I am alive and I am grateful for your love with me right now.

Do you think his feeling of loss and sadness would change quickly?

He has chosen the path of being sad and unhappy yet he could choose the path of accepting and happiness after death is part of life. If we reject death, life complications and events that can take away our happiness in moments well maybe we are actually rejecting life itself.

Or maybe we are rejecting what we believe life should be? Maybe that life that we imagined is based on what others think about what life should be rather than what we have come to know life can be?

Either way, our life is reducing every minute of every day.

Do you allow the things that make you sad continue to dominate your minutes, hours and years or do you get back up and carry on living your life happy until the last moments?

Let me share this.

You cannot know what tomorrow will bring.

You cannot know what next week will bring.

You have no idea what is about to appear from around the corner.

All you know is this.

What you want for your life does and will take work. It takes the effort to find that new partner. It takes effort to make the business a success. It isn’t easy making changes. It can be tough creating a new way to walk.

Yet know this.

You are not the first to try and work life and happiness out.

Others have experienced before you the same life problems and issues.

Others have solved the same unhappy moments you might be having right now and shown it can be done.

I understand because I have been there.

There are five major factors that create unhappiness, super-stress and even death.

  • Death of a loved one/losing a loved one
  • Major illness
  • Moving home
  • Divorce
  • Losing work and income

I’ve had them all and survived only to rediscover a happier more filled life.

Maybe I’ll share more about that in the future for you.

For now, I just wanted to share with you that it is possible for you to be happy and live a life that will give you a life well lived.

It’s possible and you should know that regardless of where you might be right now as you read this.

Can you do that for you?

Can you find happiness and create a life that does that for you?

There are answers out there waiting for you all you have to do is go and grab them as fast as you possibly can.


Writer, thinker, author and philosopher.

Alan Forrest Smith

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