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What can Pablo Picasso Teach You About Attracting Attention to Your Salon

Tamara Forrest-Smith

Can a Spanish painter and sculptor, Pablo Picasso teach you about attracting attention to your salon business?  Picasso is one of the most recognized figures in 20th-century art. He was complicated and undeniably controversial. He is mostly about attention grabbing and relished in his controversial character: a womanizer and genius who was both loved and hated but as a painter few can touch what he’s managed to accomplish.

Within life as shallow as it may seem everything is judged by appearances, what is not seen by the eye counts for nothing. So it’s a good idea to never let your salon get lost in the crowd. It’s important to stand out. Be conspicuous at all costs; easily visible, even attention grabbing. If we pay attention to the ways of Picasso or even larger than life figures there’s plenty to be learnt.

Play on the Shine

Shinning more brightly than the other salons around you is a skill that is built upon. Can you discover new ways to attract attention? As a salon owner, especially if you are a new in salon business, attaching your name and reputation to a quality, an image that sets you apart from others is often the turning point in business, I am sure you’d agree. Every salon offers a hair cut, a colour and blow, but what is it about your salon that makes it different?

Your salons Image

The image can be something like a characteristic style, a reputation that gets people talking about you. Once this image is established you have an appearance, a place in the sky for your star.

Picasso was a man of contradiction, always sending out mixed signals, He captured and held attention by showing such attributes that went against his appearance. He got his attention for being sarcastic, sometimes devilish to his children, often beastly to his women, yet still women would peruse him.

This strategy is often very powerful, to hold people’s attention to get them thinking about you, it’s a good idea to send mixed signals. If your constantly showing one side of a quality, its human nature that it will eventually play on people’s nerves. Picasso’s painting might have a bright surface and be full of decorative features but what  draws your eye into his paintings is the depth of field, the surreal nature.

It is a common mistake to imagine that this unusual or unique appearance of yours should not be controversial, that to be attacked is something awful. Nothing could be further from the truth. To avoid being like everybody else, and having your light over shadowed buy another, you must not discriminate between different types of attention. Sometimes bad attention can work in your favour. Society craves larger than life figures, people who stand out above the general crowd. Never be afraid, then, of your qualities that set you apart and draw attention to you.

Once you have your place in the limelight make a habit of constantly renew it by adapting and varying your method of getting attention. Fortunately or unfortunately the public soon grow tired of the same old same old, and does not take long for them to move to a newer salon.

Picasso was always changing his style and experimenting with different theories, techniques, and ideas, and its this vigilance and creativity that the salon marketing game requires. Picasso never allow himself  to fade into the background. If his name became to attached to a particular style he would deliberately upset the public with a new series of paintings that went against all expectations. Better to create something ugly than to let people grow to familiar with his work This wheel has already been created many a new artists that are very popular are moulding this for there own use. Why don’t you try it?

I hope you found this useful.

Thank you
Maria Claudia Bennett
Salon Punk Contributing Writer


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