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What Can Mastermind Do for Your Salon?

Tamara Forrest-Smith

Running a shop can feel lonely.

Handling anything from stock, shop to staff and clients can sometimes lead you to frustrations, and instead of focussing on growth and innovation you may end up focussing on trying to fix the sink! That’s why sometimes spending time with like-minded can help you spark the creativity, inspire new ideas, and help you fast track to new levels of success.

Benefits to you and your hair beauty business can be completely life transforming.

What Is a Mastermind?

A mastermind is a meeting of like-minded individuals, such as shopkeepers, senior hair directors, salon owners who will meet around the table, ideally in person, to discuss each other’s businesses, goals, ambitions, problems and find solutions to any business related challenges faster… anything from lack of clients to managing salons, solving problems is easier when you are brainstorming in the group of likeminded business owners.

A good mastermind is created to stimulate creative thinking, generate new power ideas, solve problems and will leave you feeling empowered to get on with your business with a fresh perspective.

Why Join a Mastermind?

Support, solutions to the problems, accountability, and the likeminded environment is not just a nice idea, but it can have the power to transform the way you run your business for the better, resulting in more revenues, better management, and less stress. An honest exchange of ideas can highlight where you might be going wrong, wasting time, money and energy and how to quickly fix so you have a healthier cashflow and better life-work balance.

Resourcefulness and expert perspective is another reason to join the mastermind, different businesses bring diverse skills and knowledge to the table. If you are a really busy hairdresser looking to work less and allocate work to less busy stylists you will get proven ideas from those who are doing that effectively, and if you are having trouble managing the stylists and getting them busy you will get shortcuts to solving problems.

In other words, the sole purpose of the Mastermind is to brainstorm your business and discover the solutions to any challenges fast.

Happy masterminding

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