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WEDNESDAY: increase your takings

Tamara Forrest-Smith

Did you create a list of things to be done? Did you get more clients through your door?

Don’t worry I get it I understand that running a salon can be mental!

So here is what you can do today – Wednesday – to get your takings up.

Write another list (oh shit lol) and write in that list what you need to do.

Today you can as good as double your turnover by doing this (without a single new client).

7 Questions to ask every single client today …

  • “Have you thought about a restyle?
  • When is the last time you changed your hair?
  • Have you ever had a colour?
  • Have you thought about balayage?
  • Have you heard about Olaplex?
  • Shall I show you what you need to use on your hair at home?
  • Shall we do something totally different today?”


Every one of those questions has something in common and it is this. They all cost more than what the client had planned on spending.

BUT … (listen close) …

99.9% of clients think this.

I trust my hairdresser and I want to look amazing.

They rarely think …”OH God, that’s another £10″ … mostly they will just stick the extra on a card!

And for you?

Do this today and watch your takings go through the roof.

ALSO TODAY… (homework) … Check how your team performed yesterday. If they underperformed today or tomorrow you must make them accountable. Tomorrow I will show you how.


Alan, The Salon Punk.


Monday and Tuesday articles are available to read as well.

Pps … If you need more help to do this you need to join the thousands of salon owners like yourself that are now successfully using our BIG BUSINESS MANUAL – -SX-21.

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