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Unique Ideas to Boost Local Salon Footfall

Tamara Forrest-Smith

More than ever, clients head online and flick through Facebook and Instagram in search of hair ideas and decent hair stylists. While over 80% of clients will look up for a salon online when it comes to bookings over 90% of them will make sales direct to your shop.

So the question is which marketing is more important? Online or offline?

My advice? You have to carve out a niche for your salon, have a really good salon marketing plan and stick it.

What does it mean to have a salon marketing plan anyways?

For example, you may only need an extra 2 haircut a day to reach your target of 30% sales growth over the next 90 days. That could mean to you an extra £20+k in your till!

It always sounds easy when you say it fast but salon marketing is a simple plan, followed by tracking and measuring everything in the salon and the combination of salon marketing tools – stack marketing.

So the choice of online and offline marketing is huge (especially in today’s mis-information overload) but if you know exactly where you are heading, you keep tracking and measuring everything you do, eventually you will find out exactly what works best for your salon.

If you need more ideas, we have listed unique ideas to boost your shop footfall.


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Basic Amenities and In-Shop activities

Say “I care” to clients with well thought out amenities you know they will love and make their salon visit a better experience.

  • Free Wi-Fi and a USB Charger

It is a given. Don’t make clients second guess how to join the network.

  • Salon Lounge

People are running around a hundred mile an hour… well nearly 🙂 give clients an opportunity to really relax and take a break. Give them more than magazines, consider something more current, something digital, something entertaining.

  • Coffee bar

Thirsty clients can be grumpy, true, offer plenty to hydrate and top up on the coffee fix.

  • Animal Amenities for hairy friends perhaps?

Make your shop animal-friendly place if possible? Fluffy friends can make everyone happy, including your staff. Just make sure you check in with the health and legal authorities first.

  • Private events

Look at your shop again and see it as an event place in addition to a hair salon. How else can you utilize the space?

  • Discounts for In-Store visits with friends and families

Consider using online contests to drive people in-store to pick up a prize.

  • Retail giveaways

Utilize holidays and industry events – start planning a calendar of Collaborate

  • Collaborate with other businesses

Influence the influencer – consider mutually beneficial partnerships to attract more business in the shop.

Things change fast online, make sure your data is up to date, links to your website are working and description is accurate.

Plan your loyalty marketing carefully. Don’t just do it for the sake of doing it. Build a plan that your clients will want to actually use.

Keep everything fresh and genuine… Stop doing what no longer works and ultimately, keep measuring, keep tracking and keep repeating the winning combinations.

Goog luck and keep us posted

Tamara Machavariani Forrest-Smith

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