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TUESDAY: fill the columns

Tamara Forrest-Smith

How do you fill columns on Tuesday? Yesterday we talked about creating a list or two on Monday’s (not my fav thing to do) but we did it.

My own salon Tuesday was like this: So I would jump in my mini copper and drive over to my salon 5-miles away. The 5-mile drive could take an hour so days. I hated it that drive!

Anyway, when I got to my salon the first thing I would do wasn’t moan at staff, moan at everyone or get frustrated at what wasn’t happening today (like just 3 clients booked in).

The first thing I would do is create a small plan of action. That plan would be based around what I could do right there and then and now to bring clients (cash) into my salon.

I know you want to know so what did I do?

Honestly, I did anything I could think of. Handing out flyers, putting out A-boards, speaking to shop keepers, creating small alliances to send clients over to my salon and literally a ton more things.

The big problem you guys have today is the small black screen in your pocket has created lazy marketing. Even the salon ‘experts’ are telling you all to sit behind a small screen and post away to get busier.

I can tell you this… if my salon as quiet today the last thing I would be doing is sitting behind a small screen posting endlessly and then hoping and praying someone will see that advert online.

Tuesday should be the day you set up the rest of your week.

Try this.

  • Look at each column
  • Know how many possibilities for client numbers is in each column.
  • Set small goals for each team member to fill their own coloumnGive them the tools or instructions to do just that.
  • Send them out into the street to find clients ( I know they will hate that)
  • Measure everything that comes back to you by the hour
  • By the end of Tuesday see what each team member has done.

Praise them (or kill them).

And this will have you set up for the rest of the week. That won’t mean you won’t be doing something tomorrow. You will and I will let you know in my next article.


The Salon Punk, Alan

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