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Top 5 salon website checklist

Tamara Forrest-Smith

Fact: If you Google online for hair and beauty salons, Google will return well over

17 million results within 17 seconds.

It is also a fact that in one month only over 823,000 online shoppers searched for hair and beauty salons on Internet via Google search.

That raises a question, can people find YOUR salon when they search for hair salons in Google (amongst 17million salons)? and if you don’t have a salon website, can you be missing out on massive salon sales and profits, whilst 823,000 search for salons every month?

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Don’t worry, if you feel you’ve missed on some great opportunities, it is never late to turn things around, you can start building your strong online presence right now.

Over and over we see same mistakes salon owners make when they build salon websites and online presence.

Here are top 5 things your salon website MUST have in order to secure successful online presence – and sale!

1. Landing page/or homepage

Landing page is what salon visitors see when they first see your website. It takes less than 2 seconds for potential customers to decide whether or not they could be interested in your salon.

Get it wrong, and you’ve lost them..and their cash.

Your salon website landing page is also the place where you convert interested visitors into clients. Which leads us to the tip number 2.

2. Lead generation and conversion / Ability to collect data

Have you ever visited a website, and despite your intentions to go back at some point and check it out again, you never did…you’ve forgotten?

Why do you think you never re-visited the website you browsed?

The answer is simple, you did not have a reason to go back.

That is exactly why most salon website owners do not get repeat visitors, and completely lose track who visited and who did not.

How do you fix that problem?

Easy, make sure you give visitors good incentive to capture visitors data, incentive could be anything from discounted hairdressing to free hair style tips and advise newsletters.

And that leads us to the tip number 3.

3. E-newsletters

What do you do with the data that you collect via website? The data only has value when you start using them, obviously. Once you’ve collected the data start regular email contact with your prospects, and you can do it via e-newsletters. E-newsletters topics can also vary from simple tips and advice to announcing special promotions. Every time you email your customers you are increasing the chances of more sales, more visitors in the salon shop.

4. Blog it

Establishing yourself as an expert in areas you already are an expert anyways… never been easier with todays ability to leverage your knowledge on the Internet blogging what you love talking about – hair and beauty.

But how can blog bring you more salon clients? Easy

  1. Your salon prospects are searching for hair salutions on the Internet.
  2. They find your salon blog
  3. They read and like what they see and come back for more
  4. That increases traffic to your salon website
  5. Then visitors see your offers and…if the offer is unmissable, finally they WILL buy

Remember, online, one of your biggest priories is traffic generation.
Whoever has the traffic, rules! Carefully planned Blog does just that. And that brings us to our 5th tip:

5. Traffic

Building a great salon website is cool, but it has little use if people can’t find it. The answer is TRAFFIC. No traffic, no visitors, no customers, fact. But traffic does not just happen overnight, it needs to be planned properly. Blogging is one of the biggest and sure ways of getting a targeted quality traffic and YES, we said it TWICE, blogging, because it is so important when it comes to traffic. So don’t take it lightly.

A client asked us the other day how many blogs do I need to post to generate traffic. The answer is simple, you need to make a habit of regular blogging, but you need at least 50 blogs to really see the difference, that’s why planning ahead is important 🙂

I will give you traffic tips in our next blogs, so watch out!

Until then have a great time and see you soon

Salon Punk

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