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The Secret of a number one salon

Tamara Forrest-Smith

This week at Salon Punk Tamara forwarded an email over to me.

I can’t and won’t leave the salon owners name but I wanted to share it with you as it’s fairly typical of the email we get here from salon owners just like you.

‘dear alan, how can i get more information to build my salon from you with no money to invest? Our salon is failing, makes no money and i feel like we are about to go under…’

Now on the BBC Business news today they revealed that around 70 businesses are going bust daily, I wondered how many of those are salons just like yours?

I can tell you right now where we are based here near Manchester at least 3 salons have vanished in my small local town. One had been there for over 30 years. Another had clearly invested a fortune in top-end furniture but within a year they had gone. Its a sad story yet familiar one I hear time and time again.

I got another email from another salon owner. He opened his salon in – 1979 – and  just closed the doors.


Well here is what I do know – there are salons out there that are packed to the hilt. Here’s another thing I know, when I opened my big salon in 1991 it was in the thick of Great Britians worst recession.

We were packed out

We went to number one in a town of 35 salons

We had a line of clients constantly waiting for a service

We had a long list of top stylists phoning us daily for a job.

NONE of that happened by chance.

All of it happened using the following things.

  1. Planned marketing
  2. Planned strategies
  3. Planned tactics
  4. Planned targets
  5. Planned meetings
  6. Daily marketing
  7. Sticking to the plans

And you know what else … I invested every single day, every single month, every single year on knowing, understanding and creating marketing. God only knows how much I spent – I’m sure it was a small fortune. I bought books, I bought computers, I paid for advice and I tried almost everything and anything to get myself busy.

DESPITE doing this in the thick of a recession.

So when salon owners email me in tears asking for FREE advice on how to get busy the answer  want to know is…’list me everything you have done TODAY to market your salon?

I can share with you from experience … it’s usually zero!

And sadly most salon owners (like most businesses) seem to be in the delusion that having a Facebook account will save their business!

So let me ask you this.

I know you’ll have spent good money on your salon but when did you last you asked for or invested cash into your salon marketing strategies?

You know I created Salon Marketing School for one reason only, shall I tell you what that reason was?

For the past decade I have been charging around £500 PER HOUR just for consulting.

Despite the results from my outside hair and beauty clients being outstanding I still find most salon owners don’t understand the power of that investment.

I mean one salon owner put me on a plane to Switzerland to look over his salon business. Was it worth it for him? He believed so.

One client this week flew from Finland to work with me for a day. Another clients flew me to Australia to work with them for a week.


You don’t have to do that. You don’t have to invest huge amounts to work with me, thats EXACTLY why I created Salon Marketing School so you could invest in my advice at an outrageous investment.

It has my 27 years and 20 years in hairdressing wrapped up into as series of calls.

Everything in those calls, if you cat on what you hear CAN not only recession proof your salon but show you how to grow your salon business – IN JUST 3 DAYS or else.

So I want to work with you, I have made it very affordable for you. If you feel you have one final throw of the dice I strongly advise you check the school out and if it’s not for you, simply refund and good on your for trying.

So 70 businesses vanished today … Will you be nest? I hope not, it really do nest need to happen.

All the very best.

Head punk, Alan Forrest smith
Salon Marketing School

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