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The Power of Hidden Teams

Tamara Forrest-Smith

Do you have a hidden team within your team? Could your salon stylists, receptionists, managers and juniors all work together in harmony to build the salon where not only you enjoy but where all your employees thrive and become part of your salon success?

The most-engaged employees work together in ways companies don’t even realize.

For example, some major big companies have realized now the power of the millennial mind and they actually employ young talents to mentor the older ones and vice versa. This creates greater impact to grow your business. It also makes everyone feel engaged, valued and responsible.

Next time you are reviewing your team role don’t overlook the obvious talent, instead create more opportunity by giving your employees an opportunity to shine and step up.

For more information on staff, management, hiring and firing visit our dedicated blog and podcasts section.

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Tamara, and baby punk Demna

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