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The only reason Tony&Guy went bust

Tamara Forrest-Smith

Have you ever thought… “if I owned Tony&Guy I’d buy a yacht and marry a superstar.” 🙂

Yet little, if any salon owners know that last year, one of T&G franchise salons went bust in Scotland.

The reason became one of modern day advertising hypes – or rather poorly managed salon promotion strategy.

Roanna, a client of mine asked the other day, “should I be doing Groupon advertising?”

The short answer is if you don’t have a marketing strategy to handle promotions then don’t. but if you know how to convert sales leads into loyal clients than  in one single promotion you can get as many as 450 NEW CLIENTS, like Grace did in her salon in Birmingham.

 So, what went wrong with T&G?

It was simple. T&G gave away so many low priced Groupon hair vouchers that ended up doing hair virtually for free (although stylists were still paid for the job) whilst under carefully planned circumstances free hairdressing is not a problem, the failure came from inability to convert leads into customers! As a salon owner, would you agree that giving Free service all the time will eventually make you bust, even if you are under the protective wings of Tony&Guy!

Bottom line?

Don’t do salon promotions UNLESS you have thought about the whole process of marketing strategy, AND NEVER take your eyes off your yacht 🙂

Don’t worry it is actually very easy to have a clear marketing system in salon.

Alan’s done it successfully for over 27 years, and Salon Punk clients done it with the same proven marketing system, generating over 25 million in sales thanks to proven marketing Alan gave.

Have questions?

Email and let me know your questions or if you are ready to invest in our best selling salon building manuals CLICK HERE and visit the store!

To your salon success
Salon Punk

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