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The Law of Salon Planning

Tamara Forrest-Smith

The Law of Planning

Ignore this law and you will see its consequences. Do not miss a read of this article. Save for later if you have to but make sure you read it.

No man with half a brain talks a journey without planning where he is going, how he will get there and how he will arrive.

Not always true.

A man opens his car door.

His friend asks him where is he going?

The man replies he is driving to Paris.

The friend asks if he has a map or sat nav?

The man tells him no.

The friends ask how do you know where you are going then?

The man simply replies I am a good driver and I trust myself to get there eventually.

The friend looks at him and waves goodbye.

The man knows it should take around 9hours and 2 minutes according to Google maps in his office.

Five hours and 37 minutes later the man knows he should now be close to the ferry where he will put his car, travel across the English channel and continue his trip towards Paris.

The man stops his car as he cannot find the ferry terminal so decides to ask someone in the fuel station.

The man asks can you tell me how close I am to Calais ferry terminal?

The man in the shop replies, you are in Scotland and nowhere near to Calais?

Oh replies the man heading to Paris fills his car with fuel and continues his drive in no particular direction.

After 8 days of driving, he gives up and goes back home never to drive again. When asked he blames his car. He sells that car and swears never ever again drives.

The reality is anyone could have seen the outcome before he got in his car and drove away. The future can be decided by the very actions we take right now. He ignored the law of planning. His results were expected and clear even before the car door had been opened.

So many times in life the law planning principle comes back to haunt us, especially in business.

The Law of Planning in Your Salon Business

41 Action Points Your Should Do Right Now For Better Planning

If you plan nothing in business don’t feel bad. I can tell you this right now most businesses (not all) fail to create a detailed plan on how they get to where they want to go. Yet the law of planning is clear – if you fail to plan you won’t get anywhere. Even worse most of the time you’ll be heading in the wrong direction just hoping at some point you will arrive.

So here’s a few tips I use to work in harmony with the law of planning.

  1. Write everything on paper
  2. Start with a final outcome in mind
  3. Work out the numbers over four quarters
  4. Work out the numbers over 12 months
  5. Work out the numbers over 52 weeks
  6. Know the numbers to be hit daily
  7. Find blueprints for success rather than start from scratch
  8. Use what you can for your own plan
  9. Create a strategy that you can stick to
  10. Support the strategy with tactics
  11. Build a daily marketing stack that must be done without fail
  12. Work out the tools needed
  13. Work out the people needed
  14. Work out the support needed
  15. Set start dates with measurable and accepted targets
  16. Run some test campaigns before you go fully live
  17. Look at any existing leverage you can use
  18. Look at growth over horizontal and vertical directions
  19. Plan innovation
  20. Know your target marketplace
  21. Understand the targets needs and desires
  22. Build lists of words they are connected to
  23. Forget reading everything on persuasion – buys don’t need to be persuaded
  24. Create a huge roadmap on paper on your wall.
  25. Work out the finer details
  26. Plan to fail
  27. Plan a plan B course
  28. Plan for success
  29. Fix firmly everything in your mind
  30. Double-check your services
  31. Double-check your product
  32. Have a conversion strategy
  33. Have a lead strategy
  34. Have experts on hand
  35. Don’t play the expert at everything because you are not an expert at everything
  36. Find what you are weak at and fill it with an expert
  37. Find what you are good at and power it up to became great
  38. Get fit mentally
  39. Get fit physically
  40. And if what you did in the past has always failed for gods sake don’t do it again.
  41. This is just PART of the law of planning.

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The Law of Salon Planning Inner Image

If you don’t plan right now I know you know your results speak for themselves. Here’s a simple question you can ask yourself if your results are not what you want.


What are you doing DAILY in your salon to hit your desired goals?

Did I say DAILY?

Do you have a list of things that you absolutely need to do each and every day or do you simply jump in your car and drive and just hope that one day you will hit your destination?

I have 257 ways I build businesses like yours with. Blueprints that are bespoke, targets and strategies that have been hit time and time again.

If you need a breakthrough expert that can and will give you everything you need to hit your next level all you have to do is ask me for help.

The law of planning is unforgiving.

Fail to plan and you really have planned to fail.

Good luck

I hope we talk soon.

Everything you need to get hold of me is here on my contact page or you can simply text me the word THELAW on 00 44 (0) 7793069486


Breakthrough Salon Direct Marketing Consultant, Alan Forrest Smith

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