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The importance of reviews for local salons

Tamara Forrest-Smith

Local salons reviews have been a massive part of the hair salon marketing. In the past, recommendations relied on word of mouth (in fact it still does), but more and more online reviews have become an absolute essential for clients.

So whether your salon has a website or does not, your shop have been reviewed probably as I type this letter.

Why do online salon reviews matter?

To start with, more golden/yellow stars your salon gets online, more clients you’ll attract in the shop, simple and here’s the reason why…

In a nutshell, reviews provide instant social proof, so if your new clients are anything like me, nervous about changing stylists or salon, or if somebody recently moved into the area, online reviews are the first step towards approval and encouragement to give your salon a try.

For example, if you are a local salon and your clients online rated your salon 4.6 out of 5 stars, and you’ve been reviewed by more than … one, then it looks like a safe choice to call in.

The truth is, while having a website and client testimonials are still important, it’s even more crucial to have positive online reviews elsewhere on the web.

Good places to have your salons reviewed are…

Google reviews, have you created Google My Salon?

Salons reviewed on Yelp


So if you don’t have reviews, get to work…

Don’t expect overnight success, building up online prestige takes time, but it can also take one bad review to ruin EVERYTHING, and I mean ruin your finances or even your Christmas…

So you see, as a salon owner you have more responsibilities, than cutting hair, been creative and managing stylists.

You are responsible for clients, looking after them, finding, sourcing, marketing hair salons, ensuring salon team is professionally trained and in general creating a financially successful salon business.

That’s why we created Salon Extreme 21, the ultimate salon marketing guide. To help you manage your salon better, get new clients, create salon marketing systems that work and grow your salon financially. The manual is available in PRINT and it is designed to remain on your desktop as a valuable guide, marketing and managing your salon(s) day in and day out.

Team Salon Punk

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