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The day a council officer threatened to fine Alan’s salon

Tamara Forrest-Smith

During one of Salon Punk recordings, Alan shared (off records) the story when his salon was almost fined by the council officer, in fact it was not just the council officer but also a policeman knocking on the salon door.

Sounds terrifying, but as a young salon owner what Alan had done was a desperate attempt to attract new clients, he just did not realize he was breaking the law.

Alan heard of a thing called a flyer, so he decided to create a salon flyer, he wrote an ad copy, took it to the printers (good old days) and ordered a thousand copies in print.

He then went around every single car park in the town where his salons were and posted them on every car window… next thing, the policeman was knocking at the salon door (no obvious detective skills were required, the salon number and address were written in bold and highlights), telling him off for littering the streets.

Well… desperate times desperate measures, luckily these days you don’t need to print and post papers all over the town (although print advertising is not dead), instead you can reach more clients using simple social media and emails, in fact you could target anyone and everyone who has hair on the head in your town, village or the city without risking breaking any law.

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