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The Birmingham Gig – Pictures & Videos – Meet Mr. Paul

Tamara Forrest-Smith

IMPORTANT: Apologies for late delivery of THE SALON PUNK BOOK. The truth is it keeps selling out so fast we literally cannot re-order them fast enough. We have now caught up and can expect delivery in 3-days. INCREDIBLE BEST-SELLER … Even I am shocked. Thank you 😉 Read the book here… 

That is Paul and me. Here is what happened.

30 years ago to the month I was in my first salon in Warrington, Cheshire.

A guy walked in. He was very tall, very geeky, he had long hair, way overconfident and very in your face. He was also what we in the UK call a ‘brummie’… or he was from Birmingham and had the accent to prove just that. (Peaky Blinders)

He tried to sell me something called Apple Pectin which was a Lamuar product. I had never heard of it so I thought If I haven’t heard of it the likely hood of my clients knowing about it and buying it was very low.

Paul Hetherington was his name. Paul had learnt the art of persistence and believe me … he had perfected that art.
I ordered the product and with this guys help, I started to learn how to help clients pick it up from the shelf and sell this stuff. This was my first early venture into retailing from my salon. The year was 1989.

I lost contact with Paul after selling my salons and doing my own thing. That included Salon Punk. Last year I had an Instagram message from … Paul Hetherington of all people. I was happy to see his name and his face. We finally arranged to meet, eat and catch up. He hadn’t changed, still cheeky, louder than ever, still had a love of women and still had all of his hair. I would say he was a much more grown-up version of the same person but the same man I knew all the same.

Interesting … he always talks about how I am a very different person to the salon owner he knew.

So, we arranged to create an event that took place last weekend. THE SALON PUNK had finally come out of the studio and started a live gig in Birmingham. Paul was the most incredible host, the salon owners totally loved the EXTREME educational I was doing and most kept telling me this was a breakthrough event with the information they hadn’t heard before and … what the industry really needed.

If you weren’t there the good news is the video of EXTREME EDUCATION will be available soon.

But even more.

There are going to be more LIVE GIGS soon starting in my beloved homeland of Scotland in Glasgow and then a short drive over to Aberdeen J. Dates are coming soon.

Now …

A couple of things you should know about Scotland gigs. I will be revealing a total system for replacing, building and creating stylists in under 4-weeks. Re-read that because although it is hard to believe it has been tested, proven and had created a handful of top five stylist’s in the salons I tested in (from £250 to and an incredible high of £1900) in under six weeks.

Also …

I don’t stand and preach to anyone about how you should do anything. This is sharing at its highest level and quality information I doubt you will have heard of before on many levels.

I’ve put a couple of the short videos (phone) and photos on Facebook for you guys to check out.

Back to Paul. He is a partner now in Le Biosthetqiue. As you know I am all about the salon numbers, not brands. In his brand, he has two smaller products that you should be using for increased revenue. One was a cool lit eye patch that Tamara tried. They remove sagging, wrinkles and make the eyes look very fresh. Its dirt cheap and you can charge at least £10 for it. A really cool little extra any client would love while she or he sits there. Also, they had something that seemed to be more powerful than Olaplex called PCC. At just 40 pennies a shot to buy you can charge your client up to £10. I love those little premium things and you should have them in your salon.

Anyways, guys, our baby is still downloading. The NEW SALON PUNK is 29 weeks in the creation and Tamara looks beautifully bulging. I love it. Can’t wait for the magical outcome of our new little boy.

Hit reply and send me your thoughts. Will, I see you in Scotland

You can speak to Paul Hetherington here +44 7711 402051

You can see the Birmingham gig here.

Speak soon.



Ps I wonder who you know from 30-years ago that might reappear into your life.

Pps THANK YOU for making THE SALON PUNK the BEST-SELLINGbook out of my 17 Books. Your comments have been incredible I am truly grateful.

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