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The 50 Shades of Grey Guide to Seducing Your Salon Customers

Tamara Forrest-Smith

A book that has seen women frantically trailing up and down supermarkets just so they get their hands on it. Yes Fifty Shades of Grey is a trilogy that has become the fastest selling novel for adults of all time. But why have millions of women been seduced by Fifty Shades of Grey? And what can this best selling novel teach you about getting more salon customers through your salon door?

To save you the time of reading the book if you already haven’t, plus the embarrassing blushes from its adult content here is a short cut of a tale of a literature student Anastasia Steele that becomes infatuated and drawn into the seduction of Mr Grey.

The seductive process …

People are always trying to influence us, to tell us what to do, what to buy, and just as often we tune them out, resisting to their attempts of persuasion. But there are moments when we fall under a kind of spell, whether it be love, or impulse of buying products or into your service.

As a salon owner try to be aware of the tremendous power contained in moments of seduction. Seduction is a game of psychology all it takes is for you to look at the world differently, through the eyes of a seducer …

So book down, let get started,

Create that all important need.

Mr grey has a heightened presence he stands out from others, that makes Anastasia peruse him so feverishly that she loses all control. Its the physical and his manner that act all the more powerful to Anastasia in the immediacy as they bypass all her rational processes having the same effect as a decoy to an animal. A speech that goes like this … “Holy hell, he’s hot!” “No man had ever affected me the way Christine Grey has, and I cannot fathom why. Is it his looks? …

When it comes to your salon, create a need or pull and to distinguish your self from other salons, our mind are more then ever barraged with images not just from the media but the disorder of daily life. Step up your salon to the next level otherwise you will just become another salon screaming for attention. Appear to be a valuable shop that is constantly in demand only one to a town.

Physicality just like Mr Grey offers the best opportunities here, why? People walking past your salon creates an impression. The way the name is designed outside, how it is spoken, all makes a difference. The inside interior the chairs, the towels sinks. Even the way the desk is situated on entrance or the staffs dressing style make a statement  from the outside looking in.

As a salon owner how does your perception look, to the outside world or a potential customer coming into buy a hair product? Your seduction process is to try to represent change, a difference in routines a lure of some sort of exciting quality that’s takes people into a different realm of there everyday responsibilities and routine.

Next best thing is to know your service cold and its psychological affect.

Mr Grey isn’t even selling anything, what he is really selling is a break from reality and an injection of excitement and attention into Anastasias everyday life.

When you can identify the difference between your expertise and what your customers most want, you can create a irritable offering for them. Your salon’s service isn’t what you are selling: the end result the client gets is what is important: confidence, a boost in ego, enjoyment, the feel good effect.

The examination of your clients problems and your service lies your key …You are not selling a hair product to customers: you are selling the soft and confident feeling it gives them each day.

You are not selling just a cut to your customers: you are selling the great feeling it gives them when they look back at their reflection.By knowing your customers and digging through the psychographic information, you can find out what really makes them tick and more importantly where they have problems.

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Thank you

Maria Claudia Bennett
Salon Punk Writer

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