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The 10 Punky Commandments for Writing Effective Salon Ad Headlines

Tamara Forrest-Smith

The little top section of the salon ad called the headline, is one of the most important parts in salon advertising, whether you are creating the salon flyer, newspaper ad, yellow pages ads or salon website title, the headline is what grabs customers attention, and encourages readers to take notice of your salon offers.

Because the headlines are so important for pulling salon customers we created our top ten commandments to live by when it comes to creating your salon promotion ad.

Punky Commandment 1: Make the headline large, bold and “in your face”. You want the headline to stand out and grab the readers attention. In fact, it should be at least twice as big as the rest of the copy.

Punky Commandment 2: Make sure important words stand out, capitalize, use bigger font or experiment with speech marks or underline words.

Punky Commandment 3. Make sure the headline carries the benefit. Think about your prospect, which offer would be really appealing to them?

Punky Commandment 4. Stuck for ideas? Check out some newspaper headlines for ideas. Pick up a copy of the local magazines and read the headlines.

Punky Commandment 5. Don’t be clever or funny, don’t make your clients second guess the offer, get to the point straightaway.

Punky Commandment 6. Don’t put salon name in the headline, it tells nothing to the customers and you are using up the valuable selling space.

Punky Commandment 7. Experiment with different headlines. Test 2,3 even more headlines and see which one works the best when it comes to pulling customers.

Punky Commandment 8. Don’t get an opinion from your stylist(s). This is not to say that you should ignore your staff’s opinion, but really if you are to ask for advice get a pro, who knows what works in advertising.

Punky Commandment 9. Don’t write a novel in the headline, get to the point, it does not have to be too short or too long, instead, long enough that tells what you need to say in order to sell.

Punky Commandment 10. Have a faith. Don’t place salon ad in the magazine without a good headline. The headlines really know how to pull the clients and pays you well as well.

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