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Survival Strategies to Win Over the Salon Market

Tamara Forrest-Smith

Every year on average women spend $520 for haircuts, $330 on color our locks, $160 on shampoos and conditioners, and $120 for styling products…

It is safe to say, that on average your customers spend well over $1000 a year on hair.

How do you tap into this lucrative salon market?

And how much is your salon earning potential? Let’s do some math…

With the average salon client spending $520 on haircut alone, to heat over half a million annual turnover you need a 1000 clients to pass through your reception:

  • 1000 * $520 = $520,000
  • 83 hair clients in a month
  • That’s only 21 clients a week
  • And only 3 clients a day…

And that is without counting any colour and product upsell during customer visit.

Sounds easy right? If it is so easy then how come there are so many hair salons struggling and even running at a loss?

Find out in our practical guide to running a successful salon business in our Salon Marketing School.

The salon market can be a highly lucrative one. Attention to beauty and looks mean creating innovative yet proven marketing strategies to keep up with spending patterns is increasingly vital.

In bonus packed Salon Marketing School we provide you with insights and practical guide into creating a truly profitable salon business and help you focus your attention to profit maximizing areas your salon business, salon marketing campaigns, how to make them more relevant, exciting and profitable.

  • Email marketing for salons: Discover which content resonates best with prospects and the optimum time to target them
  • Social media: Identify how to connect with your target audience, capturing and retaining their interest
  • Mobile: Learn how to integrate mobile seamlessly into your salon marketing strategy
  • Online advertising: Target your ads to win trust and enhance sale and enquiry rate
  • Direct Mail secrets – your secret weapon to winning customers

There’s also stuff like…

  • Does Advertising Your Hair or Beauty Salon in Newspapers Actually Work?
  • 3 Things You Can Do Today To Increase Salon Profits!
  • Do Yellow Page Adverts Work?
  • Why Doing FREE Hairdressing In Your Salon Can Make You Rich!

and more…much more…

The following is also including in Salon Marketing School FREE:

  • Salon Column Builder – $197 FREE With Salon Marketing School
  • How To Increase Salon Clients Fast Using Facebook – $197 FREE With Salon Marketing School
  • How to get Back 60% of Missing Salon Clients$97 FREE With Salon Marketing School
  • How to Open a Hairdressing Salon and Save Thousands in the Process – $97 FREE With Salon Marketing School
  • How to Get Your Stylist Make More Money for Your Salon – FREE With Salon Marketing School

For more details and information please visit Salon Marketing School now.

Yours in service
Team Salon Punk

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