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Style up – the art of the beauty salon owner

Tamara Forrest-Smith

A successful salon business involves more than just good haircut

One would argue that the past few decades have been a golden age for beauty salons. With the arrival of names like The great late Sassoon, a whole new generation of hair and beauty salons have started to emerge, offering the most extraordinary haircuts, and attracting the most exceptional customer base. Celebrity hairdressers have certainly received most of the credit for such revolution. But do great hairdressers make great salon owners? Apparently not. Salon atmosphere, design, display, location, savvy salon marketing and salon management matter, too. Haircut that is interesting to design and look at may not be what customers actually want.

Making the customer truly happy is the point for the salon owner, who invests his/her money in one of the most creative, yet stressful professions.

Salon industry is huge and growing, with over $12.8Bl in the USA alone. Yet starting a hairdressing salon is one of the riskiest yet, as many as 95% of such businesses not only overspend thousands of dollars on new hairdressing salon, but would fail to fill the salon columns in the first 12 months of being in salon business, often forcing salon owners to close the shop doors for good.

The book by Alan Forrest Smith, How to Open a Hairdressing Salon… and Save Thousands in the Process, who run the successful salons in North West England for over 17 years and helped salon businesses turnaround their business for over 27 years now, answers every tricky question in salon trade for aspiring, as well as experienced salon owner to help them save thousands in their salon business, and avoid fundamental mistakes 95% of those failing salon owners make.

In this book, 20 Chapter are dedicated to helping you discover things like

  • how to Avoid many of the mistakes most inexperienced salon owners will make…
  • Discover how to find the right location
  • how to get your salon designed for free
  • How to create a truly profitable salon
  • Even learn how to deal with the reps and more REVIEW FULL CHAPTERS CLICK HERE

A particular treat is FREE extra bonus on instructions how to get your salon receptionists and staff make you more money in salon. Packed with easy-to-follow salon business building steps, tons of helpful advice and insider tips, this is the ultimate guide to having a profitable salon business.

Success always seems a funny thing, who would have thought 5 point cut would be a worldwide hit? Amid such mysteries Head punk of Salon Punk, Alan Forrest Smith, highlights qualities that almost all successful salons share. Energy and a common sense are vital. So are humour and a sense of balance amongst clients, staff and annoying sales reps. Mistakes are inevitable but almost all can be put right with a smile. Treated right, the unhappy salon customer becomes a lifelong fan.

Click here to review How to Open a Hairdressing Salon… and Save Thousands in the Process NOW!

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