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Spread the love of hair – 3 Hair Salon Marketing Ideas for Monday Morning

Tamara Forrest-Smith

What does Mondays and hair salon marketing ideas have in common?

Salon owners love Mondays, because Mondays are quiet and quiet can be very good for salon businesses, here’s why.

Quiet days give you an opportunity to market your hair salon and get the clients in, lots of new clients.

Here are 3 quick tips you can do today to promote your beauty salon and build columns for the rest of the week.

Monday Salon Marketing Idea 1: Salon promotional flyers special offer:

Easter is around the corner, don’t forget to order salon flyers. Make sure flyers are actually going to bring you the clients you need, so think of the offer carefully, think of the clients and try to get in their head, if you were a client what would help you to pick up a phone and book a hair appointment? Then create the offer they can not refuse.

Here’s How one salon owner like you went from £1700 to £4300 a week in just 23 days!

Monday Salon Marketing Idea 2: New stylists marketing ideas & old stylists marketing ideas.

Have a new stylist starting this week? Do you have a plan how you can pack their columns before they even start? If not, get busy now. Every new stylist can and should be busy 4 weeks before they even start work in the salon.

Do you need to review experienced stylists columns? Tracking and measuring everything in your salon means results.

Monday Salon Marketing Idea 3: Loyal salon clients direct mail letters, done!

Monday is a great day to choose to send out salon offers, regular direct mail letters and everything else that concerns salon marketing and that you probably will not be able to do in the week as you get busy (hopefully).

So choose one thing you can tick off from today’s marketing list. Create client letters for your loyal customers, happy birthday specials for anyone?

Every week we would do at least 15 different salon marketing tools to keep the clients growing, because if clients are not continuously growing that means your salon is slowing losing cash as clients become “missing salon clients”.

Monday is always the best day for any salon manager or owner to work on client building. So have your cup of coffee and off to marketing your salon.

Yours in a successful salon

Team Salon Punk

P.S. Share your own Monday salon marketing ideas to the world, we’d love to hear from you

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