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Social Media Marketing: How to Create Buzz for Your Salon Shop During Holiday Season

Tamara Forrest-Smith

It’s always a good idea to make some noise, especially during holiday season. But for a busy salon owner, spreading the word and generating excitement for the new audience can bring up a number challenges such as:

  • Not having enough time
  • Not having an access to the audience
  • No ideas for promotions
  • Staff shortages
  • Forgetting to offer incentives for clients to come in
  • Tiny budget or no budget

Here are some tips to overcome a challenge and create the buzz your salon deserves.

1. Create a goal and strategy

For every event, there has to be a goal and you should be able to measure it. What’s the main idea of creating a social media buzz and event? For example, you may want to ensure that you can continue to be fully booked up after the holidays are over, in which case you want to make sure you can gather new client data and you can deepen the loyalty at the same time with the existing clients.

Your social media strategy should include the following:

  • Goals
  • Audience and target clients
  • Which social media platform to use
  • Salon brand voice
  • Content and promotions

2. Start promoting events sooner rather than later

There is no one perfect time when you can start to promote your events and promotions. Typically around 6 weeks on social media is a good time, but if you are planning a grand Christmas event, you can start talking about it at least 2 or even 3 months before. Grander and buzz-worthy the event more prolonged the strategy could be.

3. What to post

Some ideas to consider:

Behind the scenes, stories and sneak peaks make clients more curious. Talk about what you are working on. For example, if you are planning a spooky Halloween party hair event, keep posting about your hair artists, special makeup delivery, and hair makeover design. In a nutshell show, you are human.

Show you are excited. The more people you can get excited with you, that includes your team of stylists, the more likely they will be spreading the word for you.

Everyone prefers fun and engaging posts… from Facebook coupons and deals to Contests & Videos, you can turn Social Media into your brand ambassador.

4. Consider paid advertising

If you have a very limited audience it can be hard to create a buzz. With social media advertising, you can
turn £1 into £100.

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5. Lights, camera, action

Lights and camera always drives people in. Why not create a photoshoot day and start streaming live as your artists work on hair and makeup design?

6. Team up with local influencers

Influencer marketing is not only for those with millions of followers. Engage your local community to get a helping hand. You can invite local bloggers or a newspaper and have them post live stories while exploring.

7. Engage with followers

Talk with your followers not at them. Keep the conversation two ways. Your salon brand needs to interract with the audience.

Treak & Measure

Make sure to analyze the response from your social media campaign. Use the social media analytics to check the organic engagement, or paid advertising ROI. Measure increase in enquiries, bookings and phone calls too.

Keep the momentum going

Creating buzz and keeping your clients engaged is an ongoing event. It is essetial to remain proactive and
relevant. You spent a lot of time getting where you are, and keeping the buzz going, slowing down is not an

Clients can easily go missing. Make sure yours remain with you for years.

Yours in happy salon

Tamara Machavariani Forrest-Smith from Salon Punk

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