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Small shopfront, big impact: How to show off your brand with a pop-up from trade shows to village fairs

Tamara Forrest-Smith

Been there one day and gone the other day salon shopfront can help generate the buzz with customers and draw bigger footfall in your brick and mortar salon.

Popups come with a number of advantages…

  • For one thing, you can get creative to dress-up your shop and give the edge to your perhaps tired brand.
  • You can create scarce demand by promoting today or never scenario.
  • Collect customer data for future salon marketing events.

All of which creates excitement and sales you need in business.

On the other hand, if you ever attended even one industry shows, you might have noticed that one storefront can be absolutely packed, while the other next door completely dead quiet.

So what makes a difference and how do you make sure it is your shopfront that gets the buzz?

Pop-up your salon to stand out

Salon brand matters.

You don’t have to take part in massive trade shows, you can pop-up here and there in any small event within your community. But whether it’s a major industry fair you are taking part in or a small village show you still need to make sure your store is visible and stands out.

Get the pop-up basics right.

Brand up your booth store, stay current, stay trendy. Hair salon and beauty business is about looking cool. It’s a good opportunity to showcase your sense of style, from furniture to the clothes and the look of stylists.

Create buzz before the show starts

Weeks, even months in advance make sure to keep announcing your next pop-up event. From social media to email marketing ensure clients know when and where you will be and give them a reason why they should visit your store, such as pop-up only special treats!

Get the salon vibe right with both salon products and the stylists

Cliche, of course, but from doc martins to tatts, style matters (obviously if you don’t have tattoos don’t rush to the nearest shop to get one;)). So does salon flyers, posters, stands, and products packaging.

Don’t miss a point… it’s as much about selling as it is about showing your brand.

Have a clear sales strategy in place from trade-show special prices to clever salon promotional materials to draw up leads and lead-sales and build a database of the prospects.

Salon Extreme 21

Small shopfront, big impact: How to show off your brand with a pop-up from trade shows to village fairs Inner ImageRead Here

Some organizers will let you have the visitors permission-based database. Others will not, but you will surely have an opportunity to build your own prospects database.

  • Free Giveaways
  • Draws
  • Buy now pay later tactics
  • Free samples

In exchange of database is a great way to collect the prospective client list. Just don’t forget to use them afterward as part of your salon marketing.

When the time comes to pack your store and go home, that’s when the real marketing needs to take place.

Use the fresh database and the recently created buzz to keep building loyalty and relations with your new customers.

Next time you are popping up the shop make sure to plan it so that it works for your brand and sales, not against it.

Tamara Machavariani Forrest-Smith

Salon Punk

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