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Sinking Ship Salon Marketing

Tamara Forrest-Smith

I have a client with a salon, lets say his name is John (it’s not but he’ll kill me if I say his name).

7 months ago John opened his first salon. 1,800 square feet in the city.

The salon furniture cost John a small fortune. The sofa alone cost just under £7,000 so his new salon clients can sit and feel luxurious when they come into the salon.

Then there’s the desk, seriously it looks like it came from a space ship, it’s pretty cool and cost over £12,000 to create. The first impression when you walk in is swish, swish, swish!

I could go on about how brilliant his hair salon looks and it does look brilliant.

Anyway he rang me to talk over his salon marketing (or lack of it) so we talked.

I asked him how much he had invested into his salon marketing.

He told me a fortune.

I asked what exactly have you done then?

He replied how he had invested well offer 200 grand marketing his salon.

I said yes but tell me what marketing you have done?

He again went on about how much he had invested into his salon.

So I slowly asked him in my most patient voice to tell me what materials he is using to marketing his salon?

He told me they had cards with gold leaf and a brochure that looks amazing.

I asked how man salon cards did you get? He told me 20,000. I said how many have been handed out on 7 months. He guessed around 1000.

He then told me he had also had around 20,000 brochures created but hadn’t really handed out many. I asked why, he said the girls weren’t that good at handing out sales materials to clients.

Ever seen a sinking ship, sink before your eyes? This was one.

Because I see this mess time and time again.

Salon owners spending, investing a fortune on creating something that looks incredible but having no real idea on how to take their salon to market.

Without salon marketing, hair salon marketing, beauty salon marketing or any salon marketing you are sunk without trace. You might not close right away but believe me – you will close at some point.

There are well over 200 ways to market your salon.

Here’s three for you right now.

Refer a friend

SMS Marketing

Piggy back marketing

All powerful, all fast, all effective.

The question is how much marketing are you doing in your salon? John above still scratches his head wondering why his salon isn’t packed after re-mortgaging his house to make it look amazing.

The answer is very simple.Salon Marketing.

Head Punk, Alan Forrest Smith

Salon Marketing School

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