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Show Off Your Salon Jubilee Weekend Special

Tamara Forrest-Smith

According to statistics monarchy brings £176M to the UK treasury every year (not including the money made by restaurants, hotels, cabs and stores)… with that in mind, and with no whether to support, I could not help but wonder how would UK tourism department go about attracting tourism, if the UK was not the country of queens and late kings.

Lucky us, with the flag high on top of Buckingham Palace and Life Guards changing every hour we have that covered 🙂

I know what attracted me to come over in the land of her majesty, and it certainly did not include very wet English weather we are enjoying today at the Queen’s Jubilee, so here’s to the long live the Queen our share of Jubilee weekend celebrations, a new article, with not so much monarchy but full of Hair-Flattering, Client Grabbing Salon Secrets ideas, hope you’ll enjoy it:)

Show Off Your Salon

Whilst designers could argue that buying this salon chair over that salon chair is what you really need to get more salon clients, your accountant might question if this really is the case? After all if buying a chair was a solution to empty salon days, surely by now all salons would be flooded with avalanche of salon clients, would not they?

Yet the reality is quite the opposite, whilst more salon owners happily spend tens, and hundreds of thousands of dollars on salon interiors when it comes to getting clients, I could not help but wonder, does having a state of the art salon chair really is the answer?

Whilst it is important to have classy and inviting interior, it would be financially wise to think beyond salon furniture, or rather turn your salon shop and design into client grabbing machine, here’s how:

1. Don’t miss the plot

Have you ever had a client telling you “I came here because you have a really expensive salon furniture”? No, think what really matters for clients – gorgeous looking hair!

2. Shop Window

You have whole shop window to advertise salon promotions, and special offers, use it wisely – turn them into your 24/7 salesmen.

3. Reception

More than a place hang out, reception is where money is made, cash counted, bookings taken… and sadly often cash is wasted… how you position your receptionist and the reception can make or break your salon.

4. Stop Fliers

Never put salon fliers and business cards on the table, it does not work, instead use salon space to place prominently advertising and promotional news, whether it’s advertising a new stylist or colour and blow dry.

5. Salon Toilet

Alexa called me the other day “oh I have a new haircut, I saw this advertisement in toilet”, yes toilet door is the perfect message to displace your ad, can’t miss it can you?

Take a good look around your shop, see it through the eyes of buyer and use those points to maximize your salon shop for what it matter the most, profit!

Happy salon decorating

Tamara Machavariani
Happy Jubilee Weekend
Salon Punk

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