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September Salon Clients Are Back

Tamara Forrest-Smith

It’s almost September and while it’s a little early to take out my leather jacket from the wardrobe I notice people are coming back from holidays ready to show off their topped up the tan, Brits ha?;)

Bad news for holiday lovers, good news for beauty salons.

With people back in towns and cities, it’s time to get busy.

Here are your September salon marketing ideas:

1: Send your clients “Back to school” offer deal via post
2: Send “Back to school” e-newsletter to hair clients, don’t forget to include your offer
3: Update in-salon promotions with September offers
4: Don’t forget to train salon receptionists (if you have one) to upsell and remind of “Back to school” class offers
5: Send a reminder “Back to school” offers again to your clients
6: Send Refer a friend offer, don’t forget to include expiry date to the voucher
7: Start planning your Halloween campaign and get ready for October, really!

Goodby summer days, hello pay days 🙂

Yours in healthy salon business

Tamara, Salon Punk

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