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Sat on Your Backside Salon Marketing

Tamara Forrest-Smith

I just waked past a salon and I saw they were practicing a traditional marketing technique I call … “Sat on your backside drinking coffee salon marketing.

This is a technique practiced by a lot of salons I work with.

It works like this.

  • You walk into your salon in the morning.
  • You check the appointment book.
  • There’s no one booked in.
  • You say to yourself, “What a day, can’t wait for it to end, hope it gets busier”
  • You go to the back
  • Put on the kettle
  • Drink coffee until the coffee gives you a fake caffeine tan
  • Hope and wait until a client walks through the door.

That’s sit on your backside salon marketing.

I can tell you, it doesn’t work, it’ll never in a billion years works.

Of course, you know that anyway but you are locked into a habit.

Is it time for you to break that habit?

  • Did you realize you can pack out your salon in 30 minutes or less?
  • Did you realize you can fill any column in 30 minutes or less?
  • Did you know there are ways to explode your salon simply at the press of a button these days?

Do this now.

Stop drinking coffee, invest in feeding your mind with good marketing ideas, tips, strategies then watch your salon grow.

Take action of some kind, any kind as long as it’s proven to work.

Check out Salon Marketing School. This is hardcore for those that really want to double, triple or quadruple their salon business.

It’s really not that hard.

Head Punk, A.F.S.

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