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(Salon Story) How to deal with the team that just refuses to do what they need to do to hit numbers

Tamara Forrest-Smith

It’s Monday, I’m sleepy and recovering a small storm we had here at the weekend… my mother! I really need another week to recover from her arrival and departure!

But it isn’t all bad but there is still a ton of drama that I thought you’d like to hear.

Rich is a client of mine. His brilliant wife Steph sent over a photo of him. The photo was taken around 8pm. He was in bed looking absolutely shattered. I had texted him to ask for numbers. We do that daily during the EXTREME program. I hadn’t heard from him so I was wondering why.

He had been so bust with his salon and his team that he literally couldn’t text me back and had left his salon and gone to bed.

So if at any time you are thinking about my salon extreme program expect plenty of early nights to recover.

Anyway, last week I had a stylist on SALON MENTOR EXTREME hit the most insane average bill I’ve seen a stylist hit.
Keep this in mind; most stylist averages I see are anything from£9 – £35. So when I get an average back of £150 … (THAT’S ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY POUNDS!!!) not only am I blown away but also I want to know exactly why.

“Here’s How We Went from 3 to 64 New Salon Clients a Week!”

Here’s some background.

First. The biggest obstacle we have on the EXTREME program is a team that just refuses to do what they need to do to hit numbers. Unless we can change them we build a new and more powerful team. That isn’t as easy as it sounds but when you have a little yet powerful system to attract new staff and some very cool tricks to interview them – properly – building a new team is relatively easy.

So we decided to build a new team.

This makes my salon owners nervous yet my experiences show time and time again that a new team can literally explode any salon turnover. Now, look at this.

This particular new stylist started just FOUR WEEKS AGO!

Now before we go any further I keep hearing from my salons and salon owners like yourself that a stylist needs a year to get established and busy! B.S. … Not the way I do it and certainly not in 2018.

Using my extreme program the new stylist is extremely busy extremely fast. Not only is he extremely busy his column has already hit MORE than what I see some salons take – over TWO THOUSAND in a single week.

  • His colouring is through the roof using my extreme techniques
  • His Olaplex sales and other sales are sky-high using extreme training
  • His upselling using the EXTREME system is insanely high using EXTREME thinking.
  • Not only that the salon he works in has had the most gigantic turnaround and shift I’ve ever seen in any salon.

This salon is going places.

This salon has made the most massive changes.

Yet just 8 –weeks ago they look like a sinking ship and now they are flying like a brand new A380!

So let me share this with you.

How do you get a stylist to perform at such a high level?
It is a system that has to be followed. You cant get to your salon, open the doors, stare at the appointments and then hope that you will get busy. And if you have staff that is happy to sit and wait … you need to change that urgently!

Here’s a good way to measure things.

This is true.

I had a stylist that was getting paid £500 a week to manage the salon.

Her average takings were just … £620.

Can you see a problem?

So how do you measure the effectiveness and value of your stylists?


A stylist on average should be taking around 3X their turnover.

So the stylist above should be taking around £1,500 on average.

A brain-dead simple system and way to measure if your staff is performing.

Anyway, what an incredible couple of weeks since January the second for SAGE SALON, WICKHAM, ENGLAND!

Over the next few weeks with my salon’s permission I’ll share more from the EXTREME PROGRAM but OMG it is far more extreme than I ever expected!

Look at this …

One of my salons just opened – BRAND NEW. When we spoke they had just Saturday busy. After I got to work on it every single seat on every minute of the day was packed … FILLED, PACKED, NO-SPACE!

And this …

A new stylist was expected to hit £350-400 in her first four weeks. I reset all of her numbers and should double the goals that had previously been set in her first week.


To be honest I’ve always liked extreme anything.

I don’t like the idea of having to wait for results.

I once worked with a business (a security form) that took 9-weeks to send out a single email. Imagine how many salons were lost during that time period of 9-weeks!

I want it now.

I want it fast.

I need to see action otherwise what’s the point?

My life has been extreme so I suppose it reveals itself in my work with salons.

Like my two weeks living with a tribe in the Amazon jungle

Like my 10 weeks living on a hillside in California alone

Like my massive body tattoos rather than a small eagle on one arm

I need results fast.

Why should any of us wait for anything when we can have it now?

Anyway …

So this Wednesday I am heading over to Leeds to do some EXTREME teaching at the BRILLIANT MOD SALONS with James, Izaak, and team! I will be sharing, motivating and teaching the guys about the possibilities as an EXTREME hairdresser rather than just being one of the same old average pack of hairdressers.

Everything is possible – everything in this business!

“Here’s How We Went from 3 to 64 New Salon Clients a Week!”

After I have been over there I am heading down to Milton Keynes for four days to work with over 50-stylists, half a dozen salon managers and then the area manager. This is for Simon – just brilliant – who owns ZigZig. We’ve been doing a huge job including a new mass coverage and branding program. It is very very cool and FAST!

Then another drive later where I will be training the very strong brand new team at SAGE in Wickham. (I have a NEW young stylist there that will put any established stylist to shame – her numbers are truly EXTREME!).

Today I need to give my own brain a rest. It isn’t all work for me and never will be.

Can I share something with you that changed a lot in my own life?

I discovered a long time ago that the most important thing is designing a life that I actually want to live rather than creating a great career and slotting my life around it.

For me, that means prioritizing things. That also means asking questions about my life.

Like …

What do I want from my life?

What do I need from my life

What is the difference between my needs and my wants?

So I did this.

I wrote a long list of what I wanted in my life. At the side of that list of over 100 things, I asked another question and it was this.

Do I want this or do I need it?

Once I removed all the things realised I didn’t really want I was left with what I need.

Here are those things.
A more than good income that can pay for my lifestyle
An eclectic home that makes me feels safe and secure
A woman that will lie across my chest every night and kiss me on the cheeks and lips every morning and love me without conditions
And a coffee any time of any day with my woman

That is just FOUR THINGS from a list of over 100!

Do you know what you really need from your life?

That’s it my little Monday share is over.

I have a ton to do including rushing out to meet someone.

I hope this helped you in some way.


Head Punk – Alan!

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