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Salon Promotion? When was it last time your clients heard from your salon?

Tamara Forrest-Smith

This is a quick reminder that sometimes it only takes one small salon promotion a day to take more cash at the end of the week.

When was it last time your clients heard from you or your stylists?

Over the past 3 years, I have tried 3 different salons, and I yet have to receive a text, an email, a flyer, or a social media reminder to go back for my haircut, which is by the way well and truly due.

If your clients don’t hear from you, they will forget to book the appointment, or they will not book as often as you would like them to, less money for you, not a good plan 🙁

Here’s a better salon plan 🙂

1. Go through the salon data files, a software system, whatever you are using in your salon to keep the record of your clients.

2. Figure out who is due for a haircut;

3. Write a quick salon promotional reminder, tell them “It is time for your haircut”;

4. Choose how you are going to promote and reach them…

Pack Out Your Salon with Salon Extreme 21

  • Facebook & Instagram promotions
  • Twitter as a salon promotion tool

You can use one or the combination of all those

What kind of promotion can you send?

  • Old clients only promotion
  • Missing client only promotion
  • Regular client promotion

Summer is well and truly here, less English weather of course, but it is the time when your clients are getting ready to go on holidays, make sure they come to your salon instead of the salon next door.

What are you waiting for?

Go ahead and start promoting and start putting bums in the seats.

Tamara from Salon Punk

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