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Salon Masters Hits: Must-listeners from last year to help Grow Your Salon This Year

Tamara Forrest-Smith

Collectively we have written and recorded over 200 Free articles and podcasts for your salon, to show you what really works in the salon business, and what does not work.

One thing we’ve learned is there are no big secrets or magic formulas.

Instead, keeping things simple and modeling a success formula proves to be the most effective way to put more cash in the till at the end of the week…

  • Just like Cohen did during quiet days, he outsmarted all big salon brands by simply copying and running a small campaign that was already proven to work in salons, and brought in extra £1400 when everyone else was quiet…
  • Or how Georgina started upselling with confidence, increasing the average bill from £16 to £45…
  • Or how Ugoh had an OMG salon moment after applying everything he read from SX21…
  • or how Trimmershaircare expanded into the empty shop next door after copying… everything that works in the salon…

Seriously, there are some inspiring stories and proven salon ideas we love to share, so if you missed some of them from last year, I have highlighted for you that could prove to be your salon next #OMG moment.

My Best And Worst Salon Ideas

What can 50 years of industry experience teach you?

Is Internet Killing My Salon Marketing

If you had £100 to spend on marketing what would you use it on?

Cheers to your next #OMGSALON moments

Tamara Machavariani Forrest-Smith and team Salon Punk

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