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Salon Mastermind One-Off Special

Tamara Forrest-Smith

Special One-Off Series With Alan Forrest Smith

Salon Masters Breakthrough Calls

There’s two things I have discovered from the new launch of all new salon Punk.

  1. Salon owners are struggling
  2. Salon owners need help
  3. Salon owners want to grow their salon business
  4. Salon owners are willing to do what it takes
  5. Salon owners want my mentoring but find it hard to work out if it’s worth the money?

Is that you?

So we talked this over in the office and have come up with this.

Salon Mastermind One-Off Special.

Two live mastermind session where I and my team will answer ALL of your questions.

  • This is for 10 salon owners only
  • You can submit 3-5 of your most pressing issues via email
  • I will give you a proven solution to your questions right away via teleseminar
  • You’ll get a recording of the call
  • You’ll get a transcription of the calls
  • You’ll be added to a group DIAMOND MEMBER AREA where you can Mastermind your salon business beyond the call.

Now why should you consider this?

As you might have seen on Salon Punk I charge £500 per hour ($780 USA) for one-on-one breakthrough salon consulting.

Most salon owners struggle to pay this so I’m willing to run this lower priced group test based on a discussion here at Salon Punk this morning.

It really is a ONE-OFF double call Salon Masters Session to see if you guys are truly interested.

What You Can Expect!

  • To have ALL of your most pressing salon business questions answered.
  • To get instant solutions to your salon problems.
  • To speak to and ask Alan direct anything to do with your salon business.
  • To be able to eradicate your salon problems overnight
  • And more.

Here are the kind of things my current mentor clients ask.

  • How do I get more clients?
  • How do I increase my salon takings?
  • I do social media but it really doesn’t seem to grow my business?
  • How do I fill a salon that is dead fast?
  • How can I generate more clients for my new stylists?
  • How do I get new stylists?
  • Is it possible to double my clients?
  • How can i create more turnover fast to pay my taxes?
  • Of course there are many many more

Will What You Hear Work In Your Salon?

I have booth renters, salon owners, salon managers and stylists contact me.

I can tell you now, all face almost the same issues and what I share works for all of them.

Here is what I discovered in my own salons.

  • I needed clients and lots of them
  • I needed my clients to pay and pay well
  • I needed to market my 3 salons non-stop
  • I had 4 kids to look after
  • A house to support
  • Bills to pay

It had to work, failure was never an option for me and I know it can’t be for you!

So I understand where you are right now because I have been all of the above.

Will You Join Us On The Salon Masters Calls?

You will be able to…

  • Send in 3-5 questions
  • Listen to the other salon owners issues and solutions
  • Get the recordings to listen to time and time again
  • Get the transcripts of the call

And …

I am going to give all of you a secret salon system for FREE that doubles any salons income daily, doubles and can triple any salons turnover weekly, monthly … guaranteed!

Salon Masters Calls

When: Date: Monday 18th Tuesday 19th
Where: On your phone
Time: 9pm London time

Click here to be one of the 10 salon on the call plus get the secret salon system that promises to double your salon turnover.

As soon as you sign up to join you’ll be sent an email with all the dial in details and confirmation.

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