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Salon Marketing with Ugly Flyers

Tamara Forrest-Smith

Hard to believe that flyer has generated over £25,000!

OK this might sound simple but I do know most don’t do it the proper way.

Just a week or so ago a consulting client of mine had no customers into his new business. His business wasn’t a salon, it was a carpet shop. He was really upset and had no idea what to do next.

His investment into his shop was well over 50k. He had everything from endless rolls of carpets, box after box of curtains, blinds, rugs the lot.

The shop was in a good spot. In the middle of a small shopping precinct so as you drove into the car park it was facing you right ahead.

To one side was a well known brand supermarket, to the other side a large restaurant and a post office. There was plenty of what we call footfall‘ or pedestrian traffic yet not a soul was walking into his shop. After 5 long weeks being open he still hadn’t got his first order, he was sinking fast!

That might be a carpet shop but I’ve heard this story so many times over the past 25 years I thought it was worth sharing because the reality is I see this in hairdressing salons also.

Is there a solution?

Maybe I should tell you what we did. It was so simple yet not only was it so simple it gave him sales of £15,400 in 3 days and just over £25,000 in sales after 7 days.

What I did will work in any business, it’s standard practice but a good reminder.

Salon Extreme 21 has all the samples you need to design salon flyers that sell!

Salon Marketing with Ugly Flyers Inner ImageReady? Here it is.

I created a flyer. Yep, a simple A5 flyer but not only was it an A5 flyer it had 5 special things about it.

I’d love to share those things with you so here we go.

Attention grabbing headline or the top part of the flyer said something that would grab the readers attention quickly.

Plenty of mind-tapping INFORMATION or putting in words into the flyer that the client is already thinking about.

In his case, we put NEW CARPET

In your case, you put in NEW STYLE

Then after they read the flyer we add what is called a call to action.

In his case

Our carpet fitters are waiting for your call

Our salon designers are waiting for your call

Then obviously… give them the number to call … DURGHHH!

Now there is one magic ingredient here that cannot be missed. It’s what we call the irresistible offer.

This is the offering that is woven all the way through the flyer from the first word to the last word. This is the magic that creates the response, the excitement, the good feeling about doing business with your salon.

Now finally you have to do one thing when these flyers arrive… get them on the streets into people hands.

If your team are sat on their backsides drinking coffee, smoking death and chattering about everyone else, get them out of the room and on the streets.

Write down at least 12 places locally you can either hand out your flyers or leave them with people you trust to hand them out.

  • Nail studio
  • Fashion boutique
  • Florist
  • Shoe shop
  • Wine bar

Keep going until you write at least 12

Then … get the flyers on the street.

By the way a great resource online for you I use here is, quick, cheap and easy.

Does this work?

Like I said, the guy above in the carpet shop went from ZERO sales to just over £25,000 in carpet sales in 6 days.

Yes of course it works.

Until we meet again, have a rock n roll day.

Head Punk, A.F.S.

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