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Salon Marketing on Zero Budget

Tamara Forrest-Smith

How You Can Do Salon Marketing on Zero budget.

In 1989 I opened my first salon.

By 1991 we were almost bust.

Talk about some desperate moments that had me, my first wife and staff had. Then I hit upon something that was to change everything.

It was called this.


Even better – it was also called marketing with zero budget because frankly I was absolutely stuffed, had no money in my pocket, no money in my wallet and no money in the bank.

This was a case of make it work or get a job! The problem was with a job was everywhere I had worked kept firing me (for being overly creative) and frankly, I’m could be an unemployable know all in those days (some things really never change).

So how the hell was I to make this marketing work when I had no cash?

Easy, I bought a book called Guerilla Marketing by my now friend, Jay Conrad Levinson and simply did what he wrote about.

Within days we had clients coming into the salon, within weeks we had stacks of clients coming into the salon. Within a year I was looking for a new property so we could actually cope with all the new salon business.

We went from 250 square feet to over 2000 square feet within 18 months. Would you like me to share with you the things I did?

OK here they are a few of them in no real order.

  • Ask for referrals: Cost? ZERO!
  • Learnt to master the phone: Cost? NADDA!
  • Discovered how to sell extra services and practiced it everyday. Cost? ZILCH!
  • Learnt how to increase each clients spend. Cost? NOT A BEAN!
  • Ask a local business to send us clients in return for cutting the owners hair for free. Cost? DOUBLE ZERO!

Check out a dedicated chapter is available from Salon Extreme 21 on Referrals and why “REFERRALS WILL EXPLODE YOUR SALON AT WARP SPEED!”

I could go on and tell you even but I have to go and run in preparation for a big run this year!

So the next time someone mentions marketing and you say to yourself , ‘I can’t afford it’, you’re ill informed and kidding yourself.

Building a hugely profitable salon business is do-able and easier than you might be thinking!

On a side note: As you can see Tamara the new punk in town is doing a brilliant job adding massive value into Salon Punk. We have plans to grow and grow and grow and grow so hold on tight and send your pals over to join us.

OK now it’s your turn to get stuck into your own MARKETING ON ZERO BUDGET.

Head Punk, Alan

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