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Salon Marketing Live Training From Salon Punk

Tamara Forrest-Smith

Salon Punk Live

See the photo above?

It’s a salon I walk past maybe 4 times a week as it is next to my Gym. I took it at 11:30am on Saturday morning. The salon is a chain salon. In this chain they have manuals, instructors, systems, director. They will also have goals, targets, and a marketing system in place that promised the buyer of the franchise that they would have more clients than they could ever deal with.

How do I know this? This is the kind of promise you get when you buy a franchise or chain salon.

Yet regardless of the day I walk past this salon, it’s always STONE COLD DEAD! If you were a client would you walk into a salon that had no one in there? I know I wouldn’t and the reason is the client goes through a silent process mentally which is, ‘if there are no clients in there they wont be any good’, and this is despite the fact they could be great hairdressers I have no idea.

And there’s nothing new in this. I opened my first salon in 1989 in England in a village with just 7 other salons. The population of the village was 3,500 in total and the other six salons had all been there for ten years or more. Two had been there for over 30 years and are still there today.

So I had to learn fast… No clients meant no business, no business meant I couldn’t be a good father and husband and provider and frankly, there’s nothing worse than when everyday in the salon is a struggle.

Within 18 months I went from a single stylist salon to a 8 stylist salon.

Within 18 months I went from a 250 square foot salon to a 2,000 square foot salon

Within 18 months I had a top salon that was rammed-packed solid with clients 6 days a week

We made good money

Our staff were the very best paid

I managed to build a stunning home from the profits

My staff all had SIX weeks holiday a year and were getting paid more than DOUBLE all of the other salons.

And you know how I stopped my salons looking like the aftermath of a funeral on a rainy day?

I worked out how to master five really simple secrets to running a salon. Shall I share one with you now?

OK I will (but I am saving all of the nitty-gritty details for our live class in September)

SECRET ONE: Receptionist. Now most salon owners have been telling me for the past 20 years they cannot and will not invest in a person that stands at the desk all day looking gorgeous, doing her nails and speaking to clients now and then. I have to admit I was exactly the same for years.

Then I sat down and did some math. It was really simple. I worked out that if I had a well-trained (by me) receptionist they could take more cash than any top stylist. TRUE! And when you actually work that out you quickly realize that even if you are paying a receptionist $100 plus a day they can easily generate ten times that using a very simple system.

This September I am going to show you how to create a salon that is packed each and everyday with clients. You’ll have clients walking in, clients calling, clients Facebook messaging, clients sms-ing your salon and more.

You don’t have to fear your salon dying a slow death from a lack of clients, Salon Punk column building team will be showing you literally dozens of ways to get your salon packed fast!

But I only want you to come along if that’s what you want?

This training is not for salon owners that are happy to struggle

It’s not for salon owners that are happy to wait for something to happen.

It’s for salon owners that are looking for quick ways to get their salons packed with clients and keep their salons packed with clients… is that you?

Here are the details about Salon punk Live.

I can tell you we have people flying in from the USA, Europe and the UK for our unique training.

Are you going to join us?

Details for SALON PUNK LIVE are all here

Training Brochure and detailed breakdown of the program is available from here

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