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Tamara Forrest-Smith

There’s a secret corner in the city me and my girlfriend go and sit in the sunshine, it’s just perfect.

As I was sat there yesterday I couldn’t help but notice a salon owner and two of his staff in their salon just facing where I sat.

The two stylists were talking and laughing with each other. The salon owner stood there transfixed looking down into the appointment book staring for what looked like around 5 minutes.

He stared, touched his head, stared, scratched his chin and kept staring down.

In the meantime both stylists went out of view, came back with what looked like hot drinks and sat outside in the sun while they smoked. The salon owner stayed fixed to the spot as his team drank coffee in the sun and not a single client was in his salon!

Standing, staring, feeling lost, overwhelm as you face another day that pays all of your staff but hardly gives you a penny to spend on yourself?

Marketing your hair or beauty salon is simple, it really doesn’t have to be that way and I’ll tell you why.

First what happened to the salon owner above is pretty normal. The effect of standing staring is just a feeling of complete loss at what to do next. I mean you don’t run on the street and drag people so there has to be a better way right?

There is and it’s easier than you might be feeling right now so I’d like to share two things I did in my salon that made massive differences to my appointment book on a daily basis.

OK Here’s the first thing.

Order this book

Jay Conrad Levinson Guerrilla Marketing.

This book not only transformed my salons but truthfully changed my life as it is today. This book is the Bible for small business marketing, you’ll love it.

Here’s the second thing.

Write a list of things to do in your salon that will make a difference and take some action right away.

I quickly discovered after reading this book there are literally one or two things that can be done in seconds that will pull in clients… just stop moaning and do them, OK?

I hope this helps you.

Head Punk, Alan Forrest Smith

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