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Salon Marketing Campus 2011

Tamara Forrest-Smith

Early-Bird FREE Ticket available for your Partner (2 for 1) but you need to act quickly!
Dear Salon Owner,

Alan from Salon Punk here.

I’m sending you this email because frankly after announcing the new Salon Marketing School Campus 2011 I’ve had dozens of emails asking how to book a place.

I’ll tell you upfront the investment for 2 days is £1,495.00 and I guarantee (or your money back) it’ll be the best investment you ever make into your salon. Here’s why!

By the end of the first day I will have shown you a simple to follow, time-tested system on how to recover your Campus investment by FOUR TIMES over the next 30 days! (most of my clients do it faster!

  • Grace recovered her investment in 3 days
  • Caroline her investment in 7 days
  • Steve his investment in 14 days

Like I said most salons I work with generate huge returns on investment within the first 7-30 days!

So … Salon Marketing School Campus … Roughly here it is. Remember I have put this page together quickly for those that have emailed me asking to book right away. I’m going to update this page this week but in the meantime this’ll give you a great idea of some of what you can learn in Campus.

Also I want you to know Campus is about you and your salon. I’ll be working on YOUR salon directly, looking over it, analyzing it, brainstorming it so we can create the perfect salon marketing plan just for YOU!


So this coming October 2-3rd, you are invited to come meet me, work with me and allow me to guide you direct you, reveal for you the exact same marketing techniques that have generated lots of clients, lots of sales and a lot of business for myself and my clients over the past 25 years.

This is a 2 day live Salon Marketing School CAMPUS in Manchester, UK. There are just 12 places and for those that book early they can also bring a friend, manager, senior stylist, receptionist, who you choose … absolutely free.

I’ll share everything I know about salon marketing with you that I’ve discovered over the past 25 years.

By the end of the 2 days you will walk away with a full plan of action that’ll be easy to apply and get your salon moving into a new level fast!

This Is A Golden Opportunity For Any Salon Owner To Get Front-Line Marketing Experience That Actually Works in Hair and Beauty Salons!

There’s a ton of stuff I will share with you during the Salon Marketing School Campus

I’m quickly going to put down a few bullet points for you so you can quickly make up your mind.

  • More Than 12 Ways You Can Find Proven Advertising Ideas for Your Salon?
  • How You Can Increase Your Salon Business In Less Than 30 Minutes?
  • How To Write Salon Advertising That Makes You Money?
  • How To Write Small Salon Ads That Make Big Money?
  • How To Find Out What Words, Phrases and Sentences Make Your Salon Clients Order
  • How To Write Great Salon Adverts That Actually Get Read
  • How To Double Your Hair Salon Business Without Finding ANY New Customers?
  • Super-Successful Salon Case Studies I Can Share With You … YOU Can Copy?
  • Creating a Long and Healthy and Profitable Salon Business?
  • 21 Proven Cash Generating Business Ideas For Your Salon Business or Your Money Back?
  • How To Leverage Your Existing Business So You Can Increase Your Hair Salon Profits By At Least 30% In 7 Days?
  • How To Use Salon Email To Create Outrageous Overnight Sales?
  • How To Create a Salon Website That Guarantees You More Response, More Profits?One Secret Salon Step You Can Apply Right Now To Boost Your Company Image Overnight From Average To Premium?
  • How To Brand or Position Your Salon Business To Number One Quickly?
  • How You Can Reduce Your Marketing Budget By 90% and Yet Increase Sales By 100%?


MORE CLIENTS: Easy to copy, fast and cost effective ways to pull in more clients very, very fast.

LESS EMPTY DIARIES: A rock-solid, proven to work trick to make sure you have no gaps in your diary.

STYLISTS PACKED: Want to know how to get your team out of the backroom and on the shop floor. I have found a way to kill off their time wasting tricks forever!

THERAPISTS BOOKED SOLID: Here’s an dead simple way to make sure your therapist NEVER ash another gap in her book again!

MORE SALON CONTROL: In our first meeting I am going to reveal for you the ONLY way to get your salon under control in hours using something most salons NEVER bother with! This is a jaw dropping moment every time I teach it!

SIMPLE MARKETING SYSTEMS: the systems I reveal to you are the very same systems I have used for some of my million dollar copywriting clients all over the globe.

BECOMING THE FIRST CHOICE SALON: so the next time clients think about treatments, haircuts or just a visit to a spa they will choose your out of the dozens of others in your town.

HOW YOU CAN GET OFF THE SALON FLOOR: Can easily get off the shop floor, relax and watch your appointment book burst with new business (getting off the salon floor might feel impossible, right. Not now I promise)

HOW YOU CAN MORE CASH IN THE TILL: Can watch and support your stylists and team take all the cash for my salon and my wages, their wages and new profits for some more of life luxuries for yourself

HOW YOU CAN STACKS OF NEW CLIENTS: Can be amazed as you watch your new client base literally erupt like a tub of bleach left overnight (Steve Winder went from 2 new clients a week to over 30 per week using my tip’s!)

HOW YOU CAN SMASH TARGETS WEEKLY: Can be taken by the hand and be blown-over as you see your hair salon business hit new levels and break old targets week, after week, after week (one salon owner has reported to me during numerous supporting phone calls that she had to buy the shop next door to accommodate new business. Her salon income tripled over a 3-4 month period!).

HOW YOU CAN CREATE EASY EFFECTIVE MARKETING: Can kick-start the cheapest yet highest returning marketing program you’ll ever see in your life. Stuff what the Reps and glory boys tell you coming through your salon this is the kind of program that WILL show you marketing is a cinch.

HOW TO TURN RECEPTION INTO THE CONTROL CENTRE OF ANY SALON: For years I resisted having receptionists. I discovered a very simple way to make sure reception in your salon is the best investment and cheapest investment you’ll ever make… GUARANTEED!

HOW TO USE A WEBSITE OR FACEBOOK AS A SALES MACHINE: How to generate literally dozens and dozens of new clients via Google, MSN, Skype, Facebook and many more online tools ready and waiting for you to use. (I’ll even show you some secrets of packing out your salon for the next day by spending just 15 minutes at home at night on your laptop.

  • Free Marketing: How to generate 4 times your school investment in 7 Days or less!
  • How to make more money with less clients
  • How to double salon income with NO new clients
  • How to make your salon looked packed without any new client increases
  • How to create bigger bills by talking more
  • Why telling your clients everything makes them spend more
  • The secrets of record breaking days starting from tomorrow
  • Why a coffee and a chat increases salon sales
  • The easy way to increase color sales
  • The easy way to sell retail
  • The easy way to get more appointments
  • How to pack out any diary in 24 hours or less
  • How To Advertise Your Salon Like Crazy Using FREE and Almost FREE Marketing
  • Pack out your salon using free marketing
  • Pack out your columns using free
  • Pack out each stylist using free
  • Tripling your salon income using free
  • Practical plan to double salon business using free marketing
  • Discover how to reduce advertising spend
  • Learn the easy ways to negotiate almost free advertising
  • The simple plan to pre-filling a new stylist column before they arrive
  • How to know what sells and what doesn’t in your salon
  • The proven blueprint to increasing salon pricing without any complaints
  • Discover how to get clients from the most unlikely places
  • Find out the 5 step plan to bring back all of your missing clients
  • The first 3 things you must say when any client walks in the door.
  • How understand this secret can quadruple salon income in 6 months or less
  • The 7 secrets of powerful, profitable and salon busting flyers
  • How To Use Websites, Email, Facebook and SMS to Pack Out Your Salon
  • How to get clients using Facebook
  • How to make salon clients spend more from email
  • How to create a salon website that sells like crazy
  • How to get new clients from the web
  • How to sell more retail from
  • How to create online adverts for your salon
  • How to locate 5000 potential clients in minutes
  • How to sell more stock through Google
  • How to take appointments online
  • How to fill your diary from your website
  • How to create web flyers that sell services
  • Lesson 4.
  • Paper, Letters, Flyers and Salon Selling Words
  • Why Licking Stamps Is Probably The Most Profitable Thing You’ll Ever Do In Your Salon
  • How to turn an A4 letter into $11,000
  • How to increase salon takings by 180% using letters
  • Why writing the top of any flyer can increase your sales by 2,300%
  • The secret of the £74,000 salon advert
  • How to create salon loyalty with one third of an A4 sheet of paper
  • How to turn your salon PC into a cash machine
  • How to turn your home computer into the biggest marketing tool in your salons history
  • How to create notes that your clients read
  • How to make posters that will sell just about anything in the salon
  • The easiest way to post anything to your salon clients
  • How to create mini flyers that bring in new clients
  • The only way to say happy birthday that also creates salon loyalty for life
  • What words sell more salon retail or services?
  • How to say please come back properly
  • How to write 7 words that are guaranteed to increase salon sales.
  • How To Get To Number One Salon Choice and Remain Number One for Years To Come!
  • How to stamp your brand all over your salon and create more loyalty in the process
  • How to understand the difference between your salon and their salon (when you know this, your salon will transform)
  • How to transform the way your team thinks about your salon
  • How to transform the way you think about your salon
  • How to create the number one salon in your town
  • Why perception is something you must know right now to get more bookings
  • The best way for you to get noticed in your town fast
  • The PR tricks no one tells you about
  • How to get reps begging you for business not hassling you
  • How to get more stock, more training for free
  • Pulling everything together so you feel confident of DOUBLING your salon turnover over the next 12 months
  • Bonus Lesson 6.
  • Easy to follow salon marketing strategies
  • Proven ways to pack out your salon in 8 hours or less
  • Marketing using Facebook and websites (fast, effective, low cost marketing)
  • Email marketing (super-effective when you know how to reduce your list and filter it).
  • Direct mail marketing (I can show you how I generated 800 grand for a client by taking his mailing of 5000 and slashing to 100 letters only)
  • SMS marketing (Marketing on the go, direct into their pockets, to their cell-phones).
  • Guerrilla marketing (over 217 ways to market your business).
  • No cost marketing (I built a small salon empire with ZERO marketing budget).
  • Powerful strategies.
  • Proven tactics.
  • Branding.
  • Positioning.

MY PROMISE TO YOU: ‘I Promise To Show YOU How To Increase Your Salon Takings By at Least 30% In 7 Days’
Is The Salon Marketing School CAMPUS For You?

  • Do you want more clients?
  • Do you want low investment marketing?
  • Do you want the appointment book packed?
  • Do you want to find missing clients?
  • Would you like to know how to create advertising for FREE and almost free?
  • Would you like to understand the easy way to use Facebook for your salon business?
  • Would you like to know how to contact every client in your database in 60 seconds or less?
  • Would you like to create more creative advertising and salon marketing?
  • Would you like to try the Salon Marketing School RISK-FREE?

Do You Like The Idea Of Increasing Salon Turnover By 116% In Just 12 Months?
How about this.
Also Salon Marketing School Campus we will talk about…

  • Setting goals to get off the shop floor for good
  • Creating a vision that gives you more of a real-life outside the salon
  • How to create perception that blows your clients away
  • How anyone can achieve anything when the salon runs smooth
  • How to sit, think and plan properly
  • How to mentally commit to your salons success
  • How to create what we call the 3 BIG GUNS LIST … to get your salon kick-started right away!
  • How to create a salon identity that creates salon loyalty
  • Also we talk about
  • New clients
  • Existing clients
  • Missing clients
  • Prices
  • New services
  • Lead generating
  • AND
  • How to make more profits in the salon with less clients
  • How to double salon income with no new clients
  • How to create record breaking days in the salon
  • The easy way to sell retail
  • The key to planning in your salon
  • The key to strategy in your salon
  • How to take action fast
  • And
  • Why reception is the number one focus of a successful salon owners business
  • How any salon owner can afford a receptionist
  • Understanding client numbers
  • Knowing average visits for more sales
  • The best way to advertise
  • Why yellow pages is dead
  • How to use newspapers to advertise
  • How to get newspaper adverts almost free
  • The easy way to write a salon advert that packs out your salon
  • AND …
  • What to tell clients and why for more sales!
  • How to master loyalty from your clients
  • How to use refer a friend
  • How to use new services
  • The best way to advertise
  • How to make an announcement effective

Here’s a couple of Videos of taken directly from previous classes I have done.

See you on October 2nd-3rd in Manchester?
If you have to think about it, it’s probably not for you. This is a weekend that is really designed for you that want to propel their life and salon business into a new place very, very fast!

If that sounds like you… grab your seat below right now because some opportunities are just far too good to miss!
PLEASE DO NOT FORGET… I’ve put this page up quickly as I’m expecting the Salon Marketing Campus to sell-out a couple of weeks in advance. So far demand is high. Can you afford to miss it?

(NOTE: there are some people that really should not waste their time joining us. Lets ask this …)

… Do You *really-truly* Qualify To Join Salon Campus?

One thing that is NOT guaranteed is your seat at this event.

I am only looking for those that can see the value of investing in cutting-edge, proven life salon marketing ideas, tactics and strategies and real salon expert guidance.

I only want you to attend if you take your salon business serious enough to realize that spending 2 days with myself and my experts will probably be the greatest investment you’ll ever make in your life never mind your business.

Why waste years struggling through and learning all these salon marketing secrets by trial and error (this is one big reason most salons are always struggling … they just try and hope!). You can have the edge with your salon marketing in one weekend?

My personal reputation prove my classes deliver time and time again (just Google me or visit my YouTube channel to find out more proof). This one will be my very best training weekends, I absolutely promise you that!

So if you are unsure or have a question please call … please call us right now on 0161 839 7999 to ask anything you are still not quite sure about. This way I can help you make the right decision. I don’t want you to waste your time.

If you are ready to see a massive difference (and sometime INSTANT) to your life and salon marketing strategies… grab your seat right now below.

SO Here’s Your ACT RIGHT NOW Alert:

I already have requests for 15 seats and this is before I’ve even put the website offer live. So in reality we don’t have any places if they all come so this really is a first come first served booking.

Book right away and you also get


As soon as we email our lists and announce that seats are now for sale … they will go very quickly.

If you really want to, and I mean REALLY want to understand how to make gigantic changes in your life and watch salon business response rates, client rates and sales explode, it’s better you grab a seat right now, today while you are on this page.

Leave it until tomorrow and you might be one of the people that WILL have to wait until our next Salon Marketing School Campus in 6 months time or even possibly a year away And believe me, that could cost you TENS of thousands of pounds in lost profits.

Don’t let that happen! An amazing opportunity is staring you right in the face, right now.

The Value of a Salon Marketing School Campus Is Enormous

Can’t wait to meet you face to face.

GRAB your ticket NOW!

Ticket price This Week Only
If you leave the page, it might have ended when you get back!

Salon Marketing School Campus
2nd-3rd October
Central Manchester
12 Places in Campus Always a Sell-Out!

YES, YES, YES Alan … I wouldn’t miss the ground-breaking Salon Campus for anything … it sounds brilliant!
It really does sound like a fantastic training weekend working so close with you to build my salon business.
I hope you don’t mind me saying this but I will ask for my money back if you don’t deliver because I am fed up with seminars promising everything and under delivering.
I can also see you have a fantastic reputation, I’m really looking forward to working with you on my salon business.
I am so excited, I am going to grab my place right now to join all of you for what is looking like an amazing weekend for a salon owner like me!
I can’t wait.
Alan… I’m coming!

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