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Salon Marketing Budget

Tamara Forrest-Smith

Yesterday I had a call from a salon owner.

Just a few years ago she had her first hair salon. She told me it had crumbled over the years due to the fact she had no idea how to market her salon.

No presence salon in the town, no real ability to pull in new clients and create client loyalty. This ended with her hair salon closing.

She left the salon business for a couple of years and has decided to go back and open another new salon.

So she called me for advice, she told me this time she couldn’t afford to get it wrong.

As we talked on the phone she shared how much it had been costing her to refit the salon.

Plumbing, electrics, decor and now furniture.

I asked the question

“How much is your marketing budget?”

Her answer shocked me after what she had already shared.

“I need to spend my cash on the fittings so I really don’t have anything left to spend on marketing”

Isn’t is strange how we are all creatures of habit? The mistake had previously cost her a business and a living in the past. She told me the closing of her salon was due to the fact that she never invested into marketing.

Now she was a new salon owner, had invested heavily into fitting the salon out but … Was doing the same as in the past which was marketing is the lowest priority.

After 25 years doing marketing I want to share this.

Marketing isn’t new, it’s almost as old as man himself.

When people stopped becoming self sufficient they had to go buy stuff. If you were a seller of something you had to work hard to sell it like crazy.

You could go to the local marketplace, come across 10 sellers of the same product but it was the one that was clever at marketing would sell the most.

Very quickly marketing became the priority within business because if the marketing wasn’t done right you would lose out to the competition.

In the town, I had my last salon we had 35 salons. I was a new guy, they had been there for years, some over 30 years. Do you think it would be easy to over-run them and become number one?

That’s exactly what we did, within 18 months we were the number one salon. It stayed that way until I sold my salons.

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Good, strong, persistent, low investment marketing strategies that worked like crazy!

I did them daily, weekly, monthly, year after year and it worked.

We would also use around 40 – 50 techniques to market my salon. It worked.

How about you and your salon.

  • Do you have a budget to make your marketing work?
  • Do you have a system to take your salon to market?
  • Do you know the numbers that will make your salon work?

I can tell you this right now.

If you don’t market your salon properly you won’t have a salon business that allows you to live like a rock star. I built a five bedroom house in an acre of the countryside with my hands all from my salon business. It gave me holidays, cars and all the things I wanted then.

No marketing … that would never have happened.

How about you?

If you need help to take your salon to market, to build a business to generate more clients, more sales, more systems all you have to do is get in touch with me today.

Go to the contact form, fill it out and contact us right now.

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