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Salon Marketing Bad Reception

Tamara Forrest-Smith

Salon Marketing from Bad Reception? Do top salons practice good salon marketing?

Yesterday I went into a top salon in Manchester city centre where I live. This is the salon of a TV star. I looked a mess after being to the gym, sweaty and scruffy. This salon looks a million dollars.

So I walked in and up to the reception desk. The receptionist never blinked, looked at me, acknowledged me as I stood there for the next 5 minutes waiting for her to stop talking to her friend about kids and schools!

Eventually she had a moment for me.

“Yes?” She said.

I thought, clearly I haven’t come for new shoes so why talk to me like she has no idea what I am doing there.

“A haircut, how much please?” I asked politely despite I wanted to throttle her already!

She then picked up a price list, opened it, pointed to the prices and said … “£100.00 for the senior” and then looked at me.

I stood looking at her. She then said, “you’re a man right?” Isn’t that obvious I thought!

She then said, ” it’s just £75.00 while you are a man”

OK I said and walked out.

God almighty!!! … Service was crap at the desk so I have no idea what it will be like inside.

The problem is though my impression has been created by a totally incompetent receptionist. By thoughts of the whole salon have now been molded by incompetence. My overall image of the TV star owner is, do they train staff properly here.

Yet this salon is world famous with world famous prices to match. I’m going to go in and have my hair cut there, curiosity has got the best of me.

These guys clearly spend millions on salon marketing, yet their hair salon marketing on the inside doesn’t match up to what you read in magazines and see on TV.

If you can’t get your marketing process right from the desk you might as well keep the salon doors shut.

Salon reception is your biggest, most important position in your hair or beauty salon next to your team. Reception can make or break your business.

Do your salon a favor and make sure you’ve got it right or customers like me that are happy to pay won’t pay beyond the front desk due to utter incompetent people on the phone talking to pals when they should be selling your hair salon services like crazy to the clients.

Just a salon punk thought!

Head Punk, Alan Forrest Smith

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