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Salon Extreme 21 vs Salon Extreme Mentor

Tamara Forrest-Smith

This is a quick one. You guys keep asking so it’s easier to reply like this.


“Alan I’m not sure what to do, SX-21 or Salon Mentor Extreme – what’s the differences?”

Both are very different so I’ll try and explain.

SX-21 £245

SX-21 is a guide, manual, how to do things on your own. It’s almost lime an ideas factory of things that have been used, tested and work in salons.

You order it and it arrives as a large bound A4 printed ring binder. It is designed to sit on your desk and be opened when needed.

Perfect if you want ideas, templates, inspiration and need perfect reminders of what works in salons. It can never go out of date; everything is built on principles that work in your salon.

One salon owner reported back he had increased his takings by just over £1,100 in a single week from just one single idea in SX-21.

No one is there to push you. It’s a go alone guide but highly, highly effective.

Salon owners love it.

It is extremely easy to get your investment back with SX-21. All salon owners do.


SALON MENTOR EXTREME a very personal experience with 24/7 accesses to myself.

It is a custom system built on the back of my own business experiences. With my own businesses, failure is never an option.

Speed, momentum, and shortcuts are always the key. The Salon mentor Extreme is absolutely bespoke to your salon. Nothing that you won’t need is used. Everything that is used is designed to maximize your results as fast as possible. I push you daily, push you weekly, push you monthly at all hours of every day. It is a no excuse way to push your salon business through regardless of the level you are at. Goals are set, targets are set, safe pathways to hit them are set, support is 100% and the momentum and results are extremely fast.

Everything is solvable and solvable fast. The results are incredible for salon owners. Not all salons need more money some salons simply need more creative ways to grow, expand and build their businesses.

This is NOT go alone process. It’s a little like having a guide walking two steps in front of you to make sure everything is alright before you move forward.

We do everything and anything that needs to be done to make sure that together we push hard through your changes and it works!

So what are the real differences?

Here’s what is interesting for me.

Most of my salon owners that take the mentor route have already owned and used SX-21. The one thing they realise very quickly when reading my emails is they find it hard to get momentum or speed when it comes to bigger results.

For example, a salon owner that owned SX-21 increased business very slowly over two-years on his own. That’s same salon mentor increased his salon turnover by just over £4,000 per week during his mentor. He did that in just under three weeks.

So it depends on your needs to be honest.

If you are the kind of salon owner that likes to go it alone and speed isn’t critical SX-21 is brilliant.

If you want changes very fast MENTOR is the direction you should take.

“Alan what about the price it is so high?”

I have a salon that recovered their mentor investment in three weeks. I have another that has recovered their investment in 9 weeks. I have on a salon that increased their annual takings by just over £500,000 (half a million). How can that investment into mentor now sound high?

For me – both are fantastic values, both are very different.

I hope this explains the differences between them both for you in a clearer way.


It’s a choice only you can make.

If you’d like a conversation you know how to get hold of me.


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