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Quick, innovative examples how to do and be different to grow your salon brand

Tamara Forrest-Smith

Do you know what does Valentino and Alibaba have in common or for your salon brand?

This week we’ve been sending out some ideas about how to do things differently in your salon, I hope they were inspiring for you?

Anyways, inspired by the theme, how to be different, I came across some cool examples which I thought would be interesting for you to help you come up with new ideas to market your salon and push
your brand forward.

1. At a glance, Chinese e-commerce Alibaba and high-end fashion brand Valentino don’t have much in common, but their partnership example is a proof that thinking outside the box is more profitable and fun too.

How they did it?

Through technology, they launched a 3-D pop-up shop in Beijing, which promoted Valentino’s high-end
line. The collaboration worked, because despite of the online world, e-commerce only contributes % of luxury goods sale, and this is how Alibaba is trying to get the shopper to used to the idea of shopping for luxury products online.

Here’s the advantage you have as a salon shop, the future of brick and mortar shops are bright, how about using this to your advantage to partner up with an e-commerce retailer to come up with
innovative ideas? Does not have to be Alibaba of course, a local partnership could be what you need

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Quick, innovative examples how to do and be different to grow your salon brand Inner Image2. I always loved Starbucks, not because of their cappuccinos, but from the beginning, I loved that they used to promote less known artists, I used to buy Jazz band CDs from the shop that I could not buy anywhere else, these days Starbucks does not offer CDs (who does), but they do have a great partnership with Spotify.

It works because it’s mutually beneficial, and offers a different experience to their customers.

Who can you partner up with to create an added experience for your salon clients?

I hope these quick innovative partnership ideas will give you some food for thought to do things
differently in your shop.

We have an entire blog section dedicated to thinking outside the salon box, do visit and make the
most of it.

Don’t forget to share your ideas and experience though.

Yours in salon

Tamara from Salon Punk

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