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Opposing salon marketing is the old school thinking

Tamara Forrest-Smith

Opposing salon marketing is the old school thinking. Do you agree that  “salon is a place for creatives not for business” will one day be a  thing of the past?

The debate about salon is just a creative space and putting marketing  in the background has raged among creative stylists and hair salon  owners. For nearly 3 decades now that we’ve been in the hairdressing  industry most salon owners rarely think of marketing salons.

I have enormous respect for the talented hair designers and salon  owners and rarely disagree with anything they create in relations to  hair and style, however, on the marketing front I disagree  completely.

Many salon owners and mobile hairdressers who put salon marketing in  the heart of business operation are extremely professional creatives,  hard-working, pay bills, support families and do what they can to  help community. “I have always done my salon marketing so I could  have a packed salon, support my family and pay for my lifestyle  without having to sacrifice hair design and style. This approach proved to be  successful for all my 3 salons, and for all my clients who did  exceptionally well packing out their hair salons”, says Alan Forrest  Smith. To encourage delusional beliefs to overlook hair salon  marketing and place salon decoration as a priority is old school  thinking.

This old thinking deprives new and aspiring salon owners with an  opportunity to create a better life work balance, leads to empty  salon floors that need to be paid for and in general does not support  ones chosen lifestyle.

The key for salons in today’s world it is effective, productive  approach to running a profitable salon business and it’s marketing is  an essential ingredient to its success.

In another decade to come, as more and more new salons emerge in the  hairdressing market, creating more competition within salon industry,  there will be a desperate need for other type of creative salon  business leaders, those who understand that business and marketing  can and must be as creative as hair style design in salons.

Do you agree that “salon is a place for creatives not for business”  will one day be a thing of the past? If you’ve been successful in  your salon career, share with us your success and what can be  improved in hair beauty industry.

Tamara Machavariani

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