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One Small Town’s Salon Success

Tamara Forrest-Smith

Small town hair salon or a city salon franchises, hair salons are at the heart of the communities, or rather communities are often nurtured by the salons. Even though I grew up in the capital, beauty salons always created a micro-communities within large, busy cities. Beauty salons are true community hubs for catching up on the latest gossips and switching off from the daily realities for an hour or so, remember the movie with Eddi Murphy Coming to America?.

Furthermore, wherever there are engagements, weddings, joys, and sorrows, salons are often in the middle of those life events.

So it is therefore in everyone’s interest to have a vibrant, successful and healthy beauty salon in the community. It is also salons, and salon owners, responsibility, to create the community hub to nurture that community spirit. After all more you give more you receive… more clients you keep happy, more you get back.

As we move deeper into the digitalized “live life fast” lane it is worth remembering that the human spirit and the desire to belong to the community can only get stronger.

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But it is not always smooth riding and neither it is unusual to see empty salons and bored stylists flipping through the Instagram posts that noone benefits from.

To help inspire small town salons to remain relevant in the community here are 5 quick ideas how to turn a salon business into a success story for everyone involved.

1. Go offline… for a change

Start at the top. Every village, town and a borough has a person(s) an influencer, or some sort of center that connects communities together. Organizations that create a foundation to support local businesses. Connecting with the right person can open up doors you never knew existed.

2. Make no mistake… online reality is here to stay, make it work for you

Browsing through the pictures and funny videos are OK but that’s not enough to build a success. Social media can help you connect to your community, clients, and potential customers and groups of people. Master the right tool for you to reach those people.

3. Stick together

Cross promoting complimentary businesses is not only profitable for your hair salon business but enjoyable as well. If a wedding boutique shop is having an open evening, your salon can be there to support the evening and vice versa.

4. Don’t skip community events

Whether you live in a big city or a little town community events bring people of all walks of life together. Be part of that movement, participate, promote, connect.

5. Run your own community events

Don’t wait for others to run the events, create your own. As a creative hair and beauty business, you have a great platform to run your own themed events where you can draw complementary businesses to your shopfloor as well as members of your town and community.

In the end, success boils down to many factors and in the heart of it, you will always find strong communities, happy customers, happy businesses.

Tamara Machavariani Forrest-Smith

Team Salon Punk

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